How to Become a Tattoo Artist – Beginner Tattoo Artist Tips

Being a tattoo artist is very cool. Being a good tattoo artist is even better.

Probably, therefore every second informal schoolboy dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist. But is it so easy? Is it true that the ability to draw and joke fun enough to become a tattoo artist?

Now I will reveal the secrets tips for beginner tattoo artists that many artists did not know when they took to work.

Expert Advice To Become A Tattoo Artist: Tattooing for Beginners

How to Become a Tattoo Artist

Drawing Skill

To begin with, a well-developed drawing skill is not enough, but it is necessary. The artist should draw the future tattoo artistically on paper and transfer the drawing to something that does not look like paper at all.

It’s good to draw and tattoo well – different things. Therefore, it is better to be ready and practice a lot of fruits and tattoo practice skin.

Work for the Portfolio

Do not take Lamborghini on credit, if you have just started tattooing. Probably the whole first year (at least) you will work for free, train your hand and endurance and fill the portfolio with new projects.

To become a god of tattooing you need to exercise very much on everything.

There is an option to become a student of a professional tattoo artist. This unpaid training will help to accumulate experience.

I know a lot of shops that provide an opportunity for beginning tattoo artists, give them simple projects.

Yes, you cannot quit your job and say: “I WILL BE WHOM DREAMED WITH CHILDHOOD”, due to you have to work for a year or two, then to have money from a tattoo. But just imagine how many customers will go for a free tattoo!

Impressive Investment

tattoo kitsPrepare to fork out! As a beginner tattoo artist, you need at least two tattoo machines (rotary and coil), ink and tubes for beginners, disposable needles, gloves, thermo-fax paper, pens (for the skin) and a giant amount of much more.

If you managed to spend about 4 or 5 thousand dollars, then consider that you saved a lot. In many states training tattooing with equipment costs at least 10 thousand.

And you, probably, think:

“These costs will pay off hundreds of times.”

But I would add that these costs are repeated a hundred times. New ink, needles, and other equipment must be updated, and the artist pays the tattoo all the supplies on own.

Many tattoo artists rent a seat in the shop, so do not expect to have fabulous money. I recommend doing a tattoo for the soul, not for money.

Learn the Basics of Tattoo Art

basic tattoo designAs lawyers study the basics of Law, so tattoo artists should learn the basics of tattoo art.

How to transfer the stencil to the skin, how to get a constant flow of ink, how to remove excess parts of the design, how to add color, how to shade, what kind of needle is suitable for this design and how to apply it all in different styles – there are a lot of nuances.

It is necessary to understand that a clear contour will change the whole design in principle. You need to know the device and ideally master the control of the tattoo machine so that your hand and tattoo machine was one.

If you know that you do not need to rejoice. The main duty of the artist is to know all the sanitary norms from gloves and disinfection to antiseptics.

Yes, it is also the basis of art. If the client gets hepatitis, then he spits on how elegantly you drew an owl on his shoulder.

A tattoo artist must know all of this and be able to focus on this, first catching Zen.

Art a tattoo is not everything! You also should know hiding techniques, latest tattoo removal cream, balm, tattoo safety tips etc.

Know the Largest Human Organ

type of skinI’m talking about the skin! It is the tattoo artist’s canvas, and sometimes not the perfect one.

Wrinkles, stretch marks, scars. You will have to face all this and leave the drawing on such a non-ideal canvas forever.

Before you start making tattoos on the skin, any tattoo artist should understand how the skin is made. The artist must know how to care about the tattoo so that it retains a pristine appearance.

Plus, some customers do not care about the tattoo, not realizing that it’s worse for them. The tattoo artist should be clear and persistent that no sun, water, shampoos should fall on the skin for the first three weeks (or even more).

The artist should know what hypoallergenic products the client should use and how.

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Be Honest

Everyone laughs at those who make tattoos with the names of future ex. In this case, I completely accuse the tattoo artist.

In 99% of cases people come up with the idea of a very bad tattoo, they will regret it in a year.

Imagine that a teen comes and says:

I want a tattoo on my forehead with the inscription “ANARCHIST”.

He is not more than 18 years old, at 20 he can become a communist, his world will change, and the “anarchist” will remain on his forehead forever.

The tattoo artist should say that a bad idea is bad. You do not need to chase a hundred dollars, which will bring you a bad tattoo. You can always offer something else that the client will like.

The tattoo artist work is related to the recommendations. Nobody in the world understands a tattoo so good as a tattoo artist does it. So, his opinion is very important.

Yes, people are assertive, but then you can just give up tattooing.


As a rule, people leave the most interesting in the end. I will leave the most truthful.

The work of a tattoo artist does not revolve around tattoos and parties. A tattoo artist will have to work (in the pose of the programmer) for as long as he is alive.

The process of tattooing is such that for ten hours you need to be focused, perfectly draw hunched up.

Tendonitis, wrist syndrome, back problems are not a complete list. So. if a tattoo is the meaning of your life, you will cope these difficulties, and if not, then let it pass you by. Follow our beginners guide to tattooing and make your dream true.

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