Tattoo Bubbling Up – How to Fix & Prevent

You have problems if there are bubbles on your tattoo. You should immediately consult a doctor or tattoo artist if you notice bubbles on the tattoo.

The healing process of a new tattoo is never easy. I will tell you how to avoid the appearance of bubbles and maintain the perfect look of the tattoo.

What is Tattoo Bubbling?

Scabs appear on the tattoo when it heals. If you do not touch the scab once again, it will just heal. Bubbles may appear on the scabs that you touch and scratch.

Bubbles appear on scabs and are the result of improper healing.

Besides, bubbling can be the result of improper skincare. For example, you apply lotion when the skin is not completely dry. Scabs hold water between the lotion and the skin. It makes the scabs sticky and gloomy.

As a result, the tattoo bubbles. It gives you many problems.

Problems Appearance Of Bubbles On Tattoos

Tattoo Bubbling

Tattoo bubbles are very dangerous. It damages the tattoo unless you fix the problem early.

First, it will be so soft that you can break it just by pressing a finger. The tattoo will become spotty in this area.

Also, bubbles will stick to clothing. It is fraught with scabs sticking to clothes and coming off. As a result, you can get an ink leak or an injection.

Infection is the worst because bubbles do not protect the skin and have many germs and bacteria. It will lead to infections in the end.

Can I Avoid The Tattoo Bubbling?

Tattoo bubble comes due to lack of air. Do not blister the skin and do as the tattoo artist said. Therefore, prevention is better than cure.

You need to avoid moisture in the tattoo due to a large amount of ointment. Your tattoo will not bubble if you let it dry and follow the instructions.

Drying for 10 or 15 minutes will be excellent and sufficient for the tattoo to dry. Therefore, the lotion will not give bubbles.

Do not use a lot of lotion if you do not want to get bubbles. Too much lotion will increase the likelihood of blistering.

Your tattoo should be thinly coated for a subtle light shine when the lotion is enough.

Believe me, you will not get bubbles if you do everything right as the tattoo artist said. Your tattoo will heal quickly without infections and scars.

Can I Fix Tattoo Bubbling?

You can read this article after you get the bubbles on the tattoo. What to do in these cases?

Stop to use lotion

The first correct action is to stop using the lotion right away. New additional use of the lotion will ruin the situation. The result from this will be worse than the current state of the tattoo.

You do not need to use lotion, cream, ointment and so on.

Do not touch scrubbing

You never need to touch the scabs. It is especially dangerous if you have already received bubbles on the tattoo. You do not need to touch the scabs under any circumstances. The lightest touch can tear off the crust and you get a scar.

Tattoo needs air

Give the skin with the tattoo more air. Air must get in to keep the skin dry. It can go on for several hours. Always give your tattoo enough air to prevent bacteria and infections.

Resume your next daycare routine

Stop using lotions and creams if you find a problem today. And resume your usual care routines tomorrow. First, convince the tattoo is completely dry. You can use the lotion only after that.

Erase excess lotion if you are one of those who step on the previous rake and do not learn from your mistakes. Always use a paper towel to get rid of excess lotion.

If You Do Not Solve The Problem

You are waiting for red ulcers with lymph fluid if you do not solve the problem right away. You have every chance of developing an infection stronger if you do not attempt to heal the tattoo.

Seek medical attention immediately if nothing helps to get rid of blisters and inflammation. Also closely monitor the condition of the tattoo. Go to the doctor right away, if you find additional signs of inflammation.


Watching the tattoo and constant care will help you not to have disturbing experiences. Avoid lots of lotion and moisture in the tattoo.

The bubbles are very dangerous and can potentially harm not only the ink but also the skin.

Do not forget to follow the advice of doctors and tattooists. A tattoo is an open wound that requires close attention. The bubble is not the only problem that can happen.

Take care of the tattoo fully and this will facilitate the healing process of your tattoo.

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