10 Tattoo Safety Tips to Keep In Mind When Getting a Tattoo

Do you want to make a tattoo, but are you a little scared? Usually scary from the unknown how to keep in mind when getting a tattoo.

Calm down, kiddo! I will share 10 tattoo safety tips to make you get a tattoo. Believe me, you will get calm and will be ready to upgrade your body.

Helpful Tattoo Safety Tips from Expert


Have you an allergy? Be careful

Because the color ink contains a dye. If you have a dye allergy, perfume, you can get an unpleasant allergic reaction.

Of course, this is not necessary, but you must treat it. Or go the other way.

You can choose a design that is made in black ink only because black ink is safe.

You better not keep your mouth shut anyway and ask the tattoo artist about the ink that he/she uses, and also tell about what allergies you have.

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Will it hurt? It all depends on the body part

The pain power that you can experience during tattooing depends on the part of the body where the tattoo will be located.

For example, bones, shoulders, hips, heels, and a palm can acquaint you with the whole spectrum of pain from “sometimes…” to “OMG, I’m so young to die.”

And tattoos on the body require more time, as both you and the tattoo artist need breaks because these are very sensitive places.

It will be painful to be sure, but you must control your breathing and try to keep it in every way so as not to faint. Dont be worry to see complex tattoo machine. Artist did spend many hours on fake tattoo skin before start his business. So cheers!

Preparing the body for hyper-shock

To avoid pain, many people prefer to be drunk. Alcohol before tattooing is like buying a ticket to nowhere.

Alcohol will cause a lot of blood. In the end, you will be very hurt, and the artist will not be able to work, and the tattoo will turn bad. There is another way!

Before tattooing, you should get enough sleep, eat tightly, do not have a hangover. Do you remember yourself before an important exam? It’s about the same, but you will not bleed.

Choose the time to get a tattoo

The best time for tattoos is not a hot time. It is important because after tattooing you will not be able to spend time in the sea or pool (and even baths) for more than 2 weeks. The same applies to the sun.

All you can do is cover the tattoo of antibiotic (against bacteria) ointment, clean the picture twice a day. After that, you need to regularly prevent fading with sunscreen.

It will be a difficult time. So, do a tattoo any time except hot summer.

Monitoring tattoo shops will save the world

The stories about the company of the guys were walking down the street, wandered into the tattoo, made tattoos, and went on, are cheerful.

But to find a good tattoo, walking along the street, is the same as playing in a casino – not everyone is lucky.

I suggest that you seriously take care of monitoring tattoo shops with a good reputation, a fresh license, and talented artists.

Do you have any tattooed friends? Ask them, maybe they will give you any recommendations.

By the way, if you come to the tattoo and ask the artist for a license, do not be surprised that they will look at you like at a fool. Shops should have a license, and the artist does not (but this depends on the state).

Only sterile interior

Make a list of several tattoo shops with a good reputation and go there. Yes, look whether the artists wear clean gloves every time, whether the needle changes, whether the equipment is clean.

Look at the tattoos of other customers and the conditions in which artists make tattoos. The most sterile shop and artist are yours.

In addition, you can discuss the idea of tattooing with professionals.

Be ready to say goodbye to a decent amount of money

Do you want an amazing tattoo worthy of the Louvre? Be ready to spend a lot of money.

The amount of money depends on the size and details. There is the principle, the larger the size and details in the design, the more expensive the tattoo will cost.

The price of a small tattoo varies from 50 to 100 dollars. Now imagine how much it will cost a giant tattoo!

The larger the size of the tattoo, the more work

On average, the tattoo artist lasts 2 hours. It is not because the tattoo artist is tired. The longer an artist makes a tattoo, the longer it hurts.

It is logical that a small tattoo can be made for one visit. But a big tattoo will require several sessions, which will take weeks.

You just need to be ready for this and determine the exact size of the desired tattoo.

Be ready to take care of the tattoo as a cat

Caring for a newborn tattoo is very serious work. The first 24 hours you have to walk with a bandage on the tattoo (against air bacteria).

Further, withdrawal means that you will wash it only with liquid antibacterial soap, warm water (the day after tattooing).

And your outlook will consist only of oversized clothes, so as not to rub the tattoo.

Pure skin tattoos (due to a daily shower) with antibiotic ointment help to avoid infections and achieve rapid healing of the skin.

Keep in mind also that shampoo should not get in the tattoo zone for a long, long time. Also, do not leave the tattoo wet, you need to get wet with a dry towel.

Don,t take sunbath without tattoo sunscreen. You can easily hide or remove tattoo using Wrecking Balm.

Generally, this is a whole science and before you make a tattoo you must be ready for it.

The wound will itch, but you’re above it

The healing period is identified with desquamation and itching. It is normal, even if it is strong.

But no matter how great the itching, you should not peel the peeling and scratch the wounded skin (where is a tattoo).

Cannot you stand it any longer? Then make a wet compress, but no more than 4 times a day.

In addition, be vigilant and do not let the tattoo get covered with a membrane above, it’s very bad.


As you probably already knew, there’s nothing to be afraid of. You just need to calculate all the little things and open the way for tattoos to your body.

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