How to Hide and Remove Tattoo – Best Tips from an Expert

I think you will agree with me. The time is coming when you need to say goodbye to a tattoo!

It can be the removal of a tattoo forever when you no longer share what you were doing at the university. Or it could be a temporary disguise at a time when you need to visit a conservative grandmother.

Even if after a desperate party, you woke up with a tattoo on your face, you do not need to get upset, because you can hide or remove a tattoo.

And I’ll give you expert advice on how to hide or remove a tattoo!

Best ways to hide and remove tattoo

How to Hide and Remove Tattoo

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear from a tattoo removal.

This method is one of the most famous and effective. I also think that laser removal is safe. Why?


Your skin does not get cutting or scarring. In general, laser removal is not an operation, but an ordinary cosmetic procedure.

Removal occurs due to pulses of light with high concentration, that is, a laser.

It’s safe so that your medical insurance will not cover it because of the ease of the procedure.

But we must also understand that you will not receive a momentary removal and your skin will not be as before.

Depending on the age, you will get a pale design (if the tattoo was old) and almost imperceptible design (if it’s a young tattoo).

However, you need advice from a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon before performing laser removal. It is important because scars, scratches, and blisters can appear on your skin as a side reaction.

I’ve heard many times how people dissuade each other from laser tattoo removal because it hurts.

Not really. It is not as painful as it might seem because before the procedure you will receive a local anesthetic.

Yes, dermabrasion is a painful procedure. But I guarantee you will get rid of the unwanted tattoo.


Does the word “Dermabrasion” tell you anything?

No, it’s not a fish or a bacterium, it’s one of the most effective ways to remove a tattoo.

Dermabrasion is not as harmless as a laser.

First, the removal will be rough, as the expert literally polishes your tattooed skin. It passes all layers of the skin, so it does not cause the most pleasant sensations.

In addition, be prepared for the fact that you will need several sessions – polish several layers of skin is not so simple, you know!

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Besides that, you should be sure that the expert does dermabrasion to you. The procedure can be done incorrectly, and side effects will occur.

Yes, dermabrasion is a painful procedure. But I guarantee you will get rid of the unwanted tattoo.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is better known for women who want to slow the aging process, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

I must say that this method has some sides. Most often, I recommend this procedure before laser removal.

It will make the tattoo weakly visible, and laser therapy is not so long and painful.

Why do not I recommend using this as the main method?

Because chemical(“keyword”) peeling affects the upper layer of the skin in the best way.

Be sure that chemical peeling will require several sessions. What do you get in the end? Chemicals will penetrate into your skin so deep that you could not dream.

The result will be noticeable, you will get a withering tattoo. But the occurrence of side effects in the form of skin flaking is also quite realistic.


How about salabrasion?

This method has a very long history and is rightfully considered one of the oldest methods of tattoo removal.

The action of salabrasion is a fairly gentle procedure and therefore may not be as effective as laser or dermabrasion.

Salabrasion is a saline solution. The specialist rubs this saline solution into the skin, which heats up. The top layers are cleaned of ink under the influence of a saline solution.

Fans of the Middle East may like this method of tattoo removal. But you should know that this will remove the tattoo not as effectively as other methods. It also will not remove scars on the damaged skin.

Among other things, salabrasion has side effects. Salty friction can be harmful to the upper layers of your skin. For people with sensitive skin, I advise you to abandon the salt solution.

Tattoo Removal with the tattoo removal

If you need a cheap way to remove tattoos, then you can use the tattoo removal.

This method does not give pain, but it is not so effective. If you have 3 or even 10 months left, then this option is for you.

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You might think:

“Is it effective at all?”

It may be hard to believe, but if you use the tattoo removal daily and in sufficient quantity, then your tattoo will gradually disappear.

It’s simple and cheap. You will only need a cream with a suitable tone that can hide the tattoo for 16 hours (usually 8 hours).

There is no magic and instant disappearance of ink. The whole process of fading will take a long time and you will look forward to the end.

But weak efficiency does not mean safety. You still need to arrange a consultation with a dermatologist to avoid side effects.

Try to darken it

If the bored tattoo is light or colored, try to darken it using dark ink.

Or you can make a new drawing based on the old one using the same dark ink.

Of course, these methods are suitable only for those cases where the problem lies in a specific tattoo.

I know many such cases. But you have to remember that it’s better to wait until the tattoo is healed. Titanium dioxide will oxidize the old tattoo and you will need a long time to heal.

The last resort is plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is not only when you have a broken nose in a fight, your lips are not big enough and in general, you always felt different. Plastic surgery can remove a tattoo.

It is a good option for those people who have large tattoos or with severe skin deformities.

Generally, that is not the most painful option to remove a tattoo, because you will be with anesthesia.

But plastic surgery involves skin transplantation if it involves serious cases of skin damage.

You must discuss with your doctor your case and the specific procedure that is required for you.

Transplantation involves removing a thin layer of skin from that part of the body where there is no tattoo and transplanting it into an unhealthy area.


Before looking for a plastic surgeon’s number or buying a cream, consult a dermatologist or specialist for any procedure for removing the tattoo.

It is important to discuss your specific case and determine the removal path. And if you just want to hide the tattoo, the tattoo removal is the best way.

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