Sunburn On Tattoos – Everything You Should Know

When you do not listen to the advice of professionals, you often get in trouble. You must hide the tattoo from the sun when everyone around is talking about it.

However, we do not want to sit at home in hot weather, we all flock to the beach to get enough vitamin D and enjoy the warm water. If you have a tattoo there may be problems.

The sun is very dangerous for a tattoo and can cause pain, damage, and burns. What to do in this case?

I Got A Tan On A New Tattoo

You should avoid getting a tan on a new tattoo. Your skin has a fresh wound and is very vulnerable to damage.

Putting a tattoo in direct sunlight is the worst idea could come to your mind.

You might think there is no problem your skin got a little tan. Tanning on a fresh tattoo can provoke several problems:

  • Long Healing
  • Blistering
  • Poor appearance
  • Annoyance
  • Infection

Sunrays can prolong the healing process of a tattoo. The new tattoo makes the skin very sensitive. Delicate skin is more susceptible to burns. You can get a severe sunburn by exposing your skin to the sun.

The result of sunburn is vesicles, which give great itching and remain bright spots after healing. Bubbles create many problems and inconveniences even on the skin without a tattoo. Everything is even worse if bubbles appear on the tattoo because it is swollen.

Bubbles give an increased risk of skin cancer later on and damage the skin irreversibly.

The sun’s rays can spoil the appearance of a tattoo not only with a scar but also with the help of ink fading. Stains may appear in some areas of the skin.

You will have to go to the tattoo artist again to color it. I want to warn you that fixing a tattoo can be very expensive.

You should forget about the sun if your tattoo has white ink. Such a tattoo is the most vulnerable to the sun. A sunburn can cause chills, a rash, and infection if bacteria enter the wound.

Can An Old Tattoo Sunbathe?

Sunburn On Tattoos

You can sunbathe whenever you want, but you should know that tattooed skin remains the most vulnerable area of your skin for the rest of your life.

Tanning on a new tattoo is more harmful than tanning on an old one. However, you can still get hurt.

Ultraviolet rays cause skin cells to break down faster. Therefore, the skin exfoliates stronger and faster during a sunburn. It is bad because the old tattoo will disappear quickly because it peels off every time you get a tan.

As you know, the dark color absorbs the sun’s rays better. So the ink will attract the sun more than the rest of the skin without tattoos.

What Should I Do Already Got A Burn On The Tattoo?

First, you need to hide from the sun as early as possible. Once you find the shadow cool the skin. Take a cold bath or shower, and use a damp towel.

I recommend taking a quick shower so that water does not get on the tattoo. Make sure towels are clean if you intend to use this technique.

After the tattoo cools and is dry, moisturize your skin. A great helper will be moisturizing lotions with Aloe Vera extract. The lotion should not contain artificial colors and odors that can irritate the tattoo.

Moisturizing should not end in lotion. Drink plenty of clean water. Ibuprofen and other painkillers can help reduce pain and inflammation.

The burn will show the consequences in the future. You may get a fever, dizziness, and blisters. See your doctor in any of these cases.

How To Avoid A Sunburn?

There is nothing ingenious here.

Do not go out in the sun if you do not want to get a burn. Keep your tattoo away from direct sunshine the best until the skin heals. It is not necessary to sit in the house all day. You can cover the tattoo with a light cloth so that the sun’s rays do not penetrate the fabric or use a good sunscreen to protect the tattoo.

Your tattoo should be safe for the first 2-3 weeks. All this time you do not need to use suntan products because it contains chemical ingredients.

Use moisturizing lotion always if you do not want to get the above problems.


Do not put a tattoo on display even if it is very beautiful. Direct sunlight can quickly fix this. Wear cotton clothes if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

It is important to pay great attention to the tattoo. Therefore, consult a dermatologist, discuss the type of skin and care for your skin.

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