Is Tattoo Scabbing Normal on My New Tattoo

You will be surprised a scabbing on a tattoo is OK. It is normal if scabbing lasts 5 to 10 days. But!

Even though this is normal, you do not need to seek to prevent this. Scabbing a tattoo should not last forever because the health of your skin and the appearance of the tattoo depend on it.

What Is Tattoo Scabbing?

Scabbing of the tattoo is a consequence of the healing process. Scabbing occurs when the skin in the tattoo area becomes extremely dry. And you feel itching there.

Scabbing can be different. It can be very weak so you do not see it. Or scabbing can be very strong and appear as thick scabs like in the scariest pictures on the Internet. Unfortunately, this is also real.

Scabbing and strengthening scabs occurs when it loses all moisture. Loss of moisture causes severe dryness. The skin breaks down, disintegrates and bleeds because of this. All of these are the first signs of scabbing tattoos.

Why Does Tattoo Scabbing Happen?

Tattoo Scabbing

Tattoo scabbing is not due to bad weather or a sad mood. There are real reasons for this.

Thick Scabs

Do you have thick scabs on your tattoo? Most likely, it will dry out and scabs will appear. Thick scabs seize clothes or objects during your movement. These are some of the shortcomings of this in front of small scabs.

Besides the fact that you have large scabs, you should be careful and avoid making it torn off.

If you accidentally tear off the scabs, the healing process will be very long. And the tattoo will not have the most presentable appearance.

Why do thick scabs arise?

You need to ask the tattoo artist about this. Why did the tattoo artist treat your skin so harshly and roughly? Maybe this is a personal dislike, envy or this tattoo artist was simply incompetent – there are many options.

Demoisturized Skin

Scabbing can be the cause of insufficiently moisturized skin in the area where there is a tattoo. Moisturizing depends not only on the use of cream and care. You must follow a balanced diet that will give your body all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Also, you should drink enough water every day.


Do not rush to drink water and eat broccoli. First, you need to be sure this is not an infection. Because often scabbing can be the result of an infection.

Skin infections appear because you did not keep the tattoo area clean. There are now many bacteria happily living there.

If you are dealing with an infection, in addition to scabbing, your skin will have a rash and ulcers. A frequent companion of infection is a fever.

Have you found any of these symptoms? Go to the tattoo artist and doctor right away. The earlier the better.

Scab formation without other symptoms does not mean you have an infection.

Can You Prevent The Tattoo Scabbing?

A tattoo scabbing is not a sentence and you can fix it.

Start maximum skincare in the early stages of skin scabbing. You will be able to avoid big problems and unpleasant consequences.

Use a fragrance cream for sensitive skin or a tattoo lotion 2-3 times a day. It will be the best you can do in the early stages.

Cocoa butter and coconut oil also moisturize dry and scabbed skin well. Such oils are safe for use in the tattoo area.

Use lotion after you clean the tattoo with water. Water dries the skin, so your skin needs more hydration.

Pay particular attention to cleansing the tattoo for the first few days after receiving the tattoo. Cleaning the tattoo should be thorough. So, you can avoid the appearance of large scabs.

What is a thorough cleaning? You wipe all the blood, ink and plasma for the first few days in this process.

What Do Not You Need To Do?

You do not have to try too hard. Too much lotion can cause the opposite effect and the bubbles will cover the tattoo.

You do not need to use the lotion until the skin with the tattoo dries completely after washing. First, you need to dry your skin well and use the lotion.

Be careful when your new tattoo is in the healing phase. There should not be rebounds in scabs. You need to avoid downed scabs. Be especially careful after a shower and not dry your body too energetically.

Besides, you should avoid scratching the tattoo and swimming for a long time with the tattoo. And do not try to remove the scabs. It will be a big mistake. Forget a washcloth, sponge or brush when cleaning your tattoo.

Do not forget to wrap the tattoo when you put on clothes, because particles will rub into the tattoo, causing infections.

Scabs Protect The Tattoo

I decided to highlight the importance of scabs here to make it more visible.

Scabs protect your new tattoo. That is why you cannot try to remove the scabs. It will disrupt the healing process of the tattoo. You will also damage the skin and make a new wound.

Scabs have the useful function of protecting the skin from bacteria. Scabs cover the area where blood cells kill microbes.

If you properly care for the skin, the scabs will fall in the end. You will see clean healthy skin with elegant ink instead of scabs.

What Happens If You Remove The Scabs?

If you remove the scabs, you threw the money away when you decided to get a tattoo. Removing scabs will destroy the color. Also, the skin will not heal normally in this place.

It is also fraught with scarring. Are you spending so much money on this?

Sound The Alarm

When the scabs do not heal within 1 or 2 weeks. Moisturize and acutely massage the scabs in the shower. Do it a few times. It is a risk of tearing scabs so you need to be careful.

Some people apply a clean washcloth to the tattoo and leave it for a while. This method allows you to pick up scabs.


To summarize: you need to care about the tattoo very well. Immediately after you get a tattoo, clean, dry it and apply lotion. Be sure to take off the wrap and ventilate the tattoo for 30 minutes.

Always use antibacterial foam, natural soap when cleaning a tattoo. There is nothing more important than leaving a tattoo clean. It is the only way of healing.

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