Tattoo Scarring – Causes and Cure

You get not only a lot of care and pleasure when you get a tattoo. In some cases, the appearance of scars characterizes post-tattooing.

I hope you read this out of interest, not because you have scars on the tattoo. I will tell you what to do so that you do not have scars and what to do if it appears.

What Is Tattoo Scarring?

Tattoo scarring is a 100% disease. The causes of scar formation are due to improper healing.

So, the risk of scarring increases several times after you get a tattoo. After all, a needle pierces the skin several thousand times per second when the tattoo artist makes a tattoo. It creates a large wound on the skin.

What is a tattoo? A large wound with ink inside is an ideal place for scarring.

Do not be afraid of this. You are not in danger if you choose a professional and experienced artist. Professionals make a tattoo at the right depth without getting too deep. Therefore, the damage to the skin is minor, and scarring is unlikely.

Another thing is the tattoo artist makes the needle penetrate too deeply. The deep layers of the skin are very delicate and sensitive, so getting a needle there can have painful and irreversible consequences. A couple of weeks of healing will not be enough in this case.

Scars form when skin tissue is much damaged. The skin begins to repair itself, replacing damaged skin with alternative proteins that will never look like before.

Why Does Tattoo Scarring Occur?

Tattoo Scarring

Did you get scars on the tattoo?

Firstly, you do not need to blame tattoo artist you may blame yourself for having entrusted your body to a nonprofessional. Secondly, the tattoo artist may not be to blame for the fact that you got scars.

Poor Healing

Poor healing and inadequate skin care can also cause scarring. It is a normal reaction of the body if you treat the skin poorly.

The formation of cuts, abrasions on the tattoo and diseases can trigger the appearance of scars on the tattoo.

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Tattoo gets scabs for various reasons. It is normal if the scabs are small and thin. But the problem is if the scabs are large and very dry.

A large number of harmful microbes and bacteria get there and prevent the skin from recovering.

Also, the large size of the scabs can be fraught with the fact that you accidentally tear it off prematurely, it will lead to the formation of a scar.

Do you want a scar? Do not make scabs appear. Moisturize your skin, take care of the new tattoo at the highest level.

Tattoo Scratching

Sometimes the skin of a tattoo becomes very dry and itchy. The result of this scratches that form due to you and increased dryness. Scratches provoke scabs and small scars.

Do not scratch the tattoo even if the itch has incredible power. There are many ways to stop itching tattoos.


Scars can be the result of infection of the tattoo. By the way, the infection leads not only to scars but also to more terrible processes. However, see your doctor if you think you have an infection.

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How To Distinguish Scars From Healing?

Scars can have a different shape and often it resembles ordinary healing because it looks the same.

It all starts with the skin becoming red and inflamed. It can be a scar, or it can be simple healing.

Therefore, it is important to determine what distinguishes scars from other troubles arising on a tattoo.

  • Long healing – if symptoms last for more than one or two months, then scars may be noticeable.
  • The skin is pink or red after complete healing.
  • Tattoo lines raised and swollen
  • Skin distortion or color inside the tattoo

The skin receives redness due to the increased blood supply, which is necessary for scarring to form.

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Tattoo lines become swollen due to the tough unprofessional work of the tattoo artist. This symptom is always a consequence of the fact that the needle caused very great damage to the tissue.

How To Cure Scars?

Scars are almost impossible to heal. However, you can prevent its occurrence.

First, avoid scratching and picking the scabs that formed during the healing process. In the first 24 hours after getting a tattoo, use extra protection. Avoid any immersion of the tattoo in water.

If you have already received a scar, you have a chance to fix it. The scar may disappear with time, but not completely.

Use Ointment

To reduce the scar, use an ointment that is to reduce the scars. Additionally, use a sunscreen to prevent the scars from darkening when you apply the ointment.

Aloe Vera

It is no secret that Aloe has healing properties and is an excellent tool for the treatment of burns and scars. Use this for a tattoo scar.


Skin moisturizing is an important task that you must do as soon as you get a tattoo. Moisturize your skin even if you get a scar because hydration will reduce dryness around the scar and make it less noticeable.

Masking Makeup

If all else fails, you can apply to mask makeup. The problem is that it needs to be done every time because water and high humidity remove it.


Microdermabrasion is a chemical scrub that removes the top layer of the skin. The skin becomes smoother because of this.


So, avoid unprofessional tattooists and take care of the skin to protect yourself from a scar. These basic tips will help you maintain perfect skin condition and enjoy your new tattoo.

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