What Are Watercolor Tattoos

A watercolor tattoo is at the peak of popularity now.

Watercolor tattoos look atypical, bright and beautiful. But many people have doubts about this.

There is an opinion that such tattoos become bad after a few years. I propose to understand what watercolor tattoos are and find out whether it will be bad or not.

What Are Water Color Tattoos?

Firstly, watercolor tattoos have the same technique as regular tattoos. The tattoo artist uses the same tools as for making a regular tattoo.

The difference between a regular tattoo and a watercolor tattoo is in the style and technique of shading and staining.

Regular tattoos have many areas with a solid color. These areas are combined into one image. The tattoo artist creates a watercolor tattoo as a subtle gradient with a gradual coloring.

Watercolor tattoos have soft the fusion of colors. As a result, you get a tattoo that resembles a watercolor painting.

Secondly, watercolor tattoos do not have solid contours and borders like regular tattoos. The peculiarity of these tattoos is that the tattoo artist can combine several concepts and a unique combination of designs.

Often, watercolor tattoos have splashes of paint, plots of paintings, blurry images. However, many tattoo artists think that watercolor tattooing is not the best choice.

What Are Watercolor Tattoos

What Is The Problem Of Watercolor Tattoos?

Many people are sure a watercolor tattoo is a bad choice. The arguments are as follows:

  • After 10 years, color blur awaits you
  • Bleeding
  • Fast fading

Why so many problems? The main reason is the lack of dark and clear lines that ordinary tattoos have.

Many people are sure the ink disappears and smears out after a while and become an ordinary multi-colored stain.

However, the opinions of tattoo artists were divided. Other tattoos are sure watercolor tattoos can long perfect for the rest of your life.

The secret is in a strong black line. A tattoo has a chance to disappear faster than a regular tattoo if it does not have high contrast and a black base. So, you need a skeleton that remains despite the fading colors.

Therefore, be sure your tattoo artist uses a long-playing approach to creating a watercolor tattoo.

What Makes Watercolor Tattoos Fade Faster?

Many watercolor tattoos disappear faster than usual. You need to update the tattoo.

It is important to keep the tattoo as long as possible. You need to know a few things that will help keep a watercolor tattoo longer.

A Lot Of Soft Colors

Tattoo artists do not make a contrast that will keep the watercolor tattoo in color. That is the main problem.

Ask the tattoo artist to make more contrast so as not to update the tattoo early.

Light Colors

Everyone knows that light colors fade faster than dark shades and black. An experienced artist will add more dark color to reduce the likelihood of quick fading.

The black base will make the watercolor tattoo last as long as a regular tattoo. It is important to make contrasting watercolor tattoos to make it easier for the tattoo artist to correct the disappeared tattoo.

Watercolor tattoos are new, so it is hard to say how it will look in 30 years. Honestly, all tattoos disappear, so eventually, you will have to fix it.

What To Do To Make The Watercolor Tattoo Goes Longer?

The truth is that the problem is not with a watercolor tattoo, but with a tattoo artist who does not know how to make such a tattoo.

Professional Tattoo Artist

You need an experienced tattoo artist. The tattoo will be perfect for the first few years if the tattoo artist is a professional. It is true for watercolor and a regular tattoo.

It is normal if the tattoo begins to fade after a few years. But a watercolor tattoo has a bright color 5 years or even more.

Therefore, you need a tattoo artist who knows how to make watercolor tattoos very well.

Total Care

Everyone knows that taking care of a tattoo is very important. Multiply this care several times when you get a watercolor tattoo.Such a tattoo has subtlety and light ink, so you must take care of it correctly.

No Sunshine

Sunlight is dangerous for any tattoo. It is the main enemy of the tattoo because the sun’s rays make the ink fade.

A watercolor tattoo is lighter than usual, so the sun’s rays are more dangerous. It is doubly important to protect the watercolor tattoo from the sun.

Use high-strength sunscreen lotion when you are at the beach.

Choose The Right Place

You should not choose places that are prone to rubbing. It will make the tattoo dull sooner than you can think.

The upper parts of the legs, buttocks are bad locations for watercolor tattoos. Think about the place before doing such a tattoo because a gentle watercolor tattoo will not withstand constantly rubbing.

Take care of skin health

The best basis for a watercolor tattoo is not only black but also healthy skin.

Moisturize your skin with lotions and keep an eye on nutrition. Add to this a good quality sleep and your tattoo will last longer than statistics say.

Use a fragrance-free moisturizer throughout your tattoo life. It is a great way to prevent fading.


Leave silicone hands and pork skins for inexperienced tattoos to practice and turn to professional tattoos only. It will help you get the most beautiful tattoo and have it in perfect condition for a very long time.

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