Best Tattoo Healing Tips

You need to regularly care about a new (and old) tattoo because it will help the new art on your skin stays for a long time.

Creating a tattoo is one of the medical procedures. The tattoo artist uses a needle and makes an open wound on your skin, injecting ink into your skin. The scenario is similar to the operation performed by the surgeon.

Therefore, it is very important to take care of the tattoo as much as possible, regardless of whether it is new or old.

I know many people who neglect tattoo care tips and then get scars and infections. Caring for a tattoo is not complicated. And I’m here to prove it.

Why Is Care Important?

Caring for a tattoo has incredible importance because it helps prevent complications (such as infections, scars, etc.) and ensure proper healing without problems.

You should take care of the tattoo even if you visited the world’s most expensive tattoo artist with a diamond license and a part-time UN agent. You need to take care of the tattoo immediately at home.

How To Care For A Tattoo To Avoid Problems?

Best Tattoo Healing Tips

First, you must remember that caring for a tattoo begins immediately after you receive it.

Apply a thin layer of oil ointment to the tattoo. After that, cover the tattoo with a bandage or plastic wrap.

Try to prevent bacteria from entering the skin, and from rubbing and irritation.

This cover should remain on your skin with a tattoo for several hours. Do not doubt that it will be very useful, because it will absorb the excess fluid and ink from the tattoo.

After a few hours, you need to remove the bandage, wash your hands with warm water and odorless soap and fragrances. You need to dry your skin with a dry, soft cloth. Keep in mind you cannot rub the tattoo very much.

The ointment on the tattoo will be useful after drying. Do not use a bandage if the ointment is on your skin because the skin must breathe.

Besides, protect the tattoo from the sun and water. Always keep in touch with your doctor and tattoo artist if you notice signs of infection or other problems.

What Should Not Be Done When The Tattoo Heals?

  • Forget about the existence of sunscreen for a while the tattoo is healing.
  • Avoid rude things and physical activity so as not to scratch the tattoo.
  • Always cover your tattoo with a bandage or clothing.
  • No need to take baths and swim in the sea/pool if you have recently been tattooed.

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What Awaits Me After I Get A Tattoo?

You may have little idea how the healing process of a tattoo looks like if this is your first tattoo.I will try to tell you the first days after the tattoo.

1 Day

Get rid of the panic if you see blood and ink from a tattoo on the first day. Any fluid exiting the tattoo on the first day is normal. Touch the tattoo only with clean hands and warm water, and use a bandage.

2-3 Days

At this time, you will find the tattoo duller. It is normal in the healing process and if you notice scabs on the tattoo.

Wash the tattoo a couple of times a day at this stage and additionally apply a moisturizer (which does not contain perfumes and alcohol). The ink may continue to come out of the skin.

4-6 days

Redness of the new tattoo will fade. It is good if the scabs are not thick. You do not need to pick scabs because it can lead to scarring or infection.

Even though almost a week has passed since you got the tattoo, continue to wash it 2 times a day and use a moisturizer.

6-14 days

Watch the scabs carefully. Now it should start peeling off. Observe this and consult your doctor or tattoo artist if this looks odd.

Do not remove scabs yourself, because you will get problems. Scabs should come off naturally. It indicates that the tattoo is healing.

Be prepared for the skin to itch a lot at this point. Continue rubbing the moisturizer several times a day and the itching will not be so severe.


At this time, scabs on your tattoo will not be so much. Dead skin may still be on the skin. The tattoo should have a dry appearance (not much). You must continue to use a moisturizer.

About 2-3 weeks after you receive the tattoo, the appearance of the tattoo should heal. However, complete healing will occur only after 3-4 months.


The whole process of caring for a tattoo comes down to keeping your skin clean daily, always moisturizing your skin with a tattoo, wearing SPF clothing and not experimenting with weight.

Be very careful the next few months and carefully care for the tattoo. Then you will not have problems, scars, scars and infections.

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