How to Remove a Tattoo with Salt and Ice – Salt Tat Removal

People draw tattoos on their bodies for different reasons. While for some, it shows a memory, it shows personal style to others. It ideally shows an individual’s beliefs and thoughts.

You may be excited about getting inked but regret it in the future, and you may think about removing it. Sometimes work situations may force you to erase your valuable body art. Whatever the case, this article will guide you on how to remove a tattoo at home using salt and ice effortlessly.

How to Remove a Tattoo with Salt and Ice

How to Remove a Tattoo with Salt and Ice

Salt in nature has chlorine and sodium. When salt penetrates the tattoo skin area, it counteracts with the ink, thus fading it. With patience and consistency, salabrasion is one of the most effective ways you can fade out a tattoo.

To remove your tattoo in this process, you will need grainy salt and ice packs.

1. Exfoliation: Removing Tattoo with Salt

Exfoliation is the removal of the skin layer through gentle abrasion. In this case, you will rub the tattoo area using salt to remove the skin layers containing ink. While in exfoliation, your main focus is removing dead skin, here you’re after removing the tattoo.

You will have to rub until you reach the dermis where the tattoo lies. This will take a few weeks to months before the tat wholly vanishes.

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2. Skin soothing: Removing Tattoo with Ice

It’s no secret that this method is a bit painful. To ease this pain, apply ice on the rubbed area. Ice is sure to soothe the skin and make the pain manageable.

This method is not recommended daily as it may lead to infections and itchy skin. Give your skin regular breaks to replenish before you continue with the abrasion.

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Things To Note When Trying A Tattoo Removal With Salt And Ice

The salt and ice tattoo removal technique has been passed along in the tattoo industry as an effective natural tattoo removal method. However, you should be skeptical about scrubbing away your tat using salt as it will probably not end well.

Inking usually gets beyond the outer part of the skin into the dermis. Tattoo removal requires you to get the ink out of the dermis. Getting the salt to this part is the tricky affair. You have to rub it past the epidermis which leaves you with bruises, skin pigmentation, wrinkles, and road rash. In the long run, the tattoo will probably still be there, but this time looking much worse.

You should consider other natural tattoo removal methods that do not involve salt. Using salt and ice tattoo removal is cheap, but you only choose this if you are sure about it and are willing to face the consequences.

While salabrasion can be a professional tattoo removal method using salt, it is not advisable to do it at home as you may do more harm than good. During a professional procedure, one applies an anesthetic in the area. You then puncture the skin with a gun-like tool filled with salt and ice. This process is similar to tattooing you insert the ink in the skin’s dermis. The area takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you naturally fade a tattoo?

Yes, you can naturally fade a tattoo through exfoliation and a bleaching agent like hydro hydrogen peroxide. During exfoliation, the top dead skin layer that contains the tattoo ink is gently removed. Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, contains bleaching agents that lighten the ink. A combination of these two will naturally fade your tattoo ink. This will take time and is also dependant on how deep the tattoo ink is in the skin.

What tattoo colors fade the fastest?

Most tattoos are of gray and black color since they are tough and don’t fade quickly. These colors are also dense and bold, making them easily noticeable. Vibrant colors like yellow and pink fade faster than their darker counterparts like dark red.

How fast a tattoo fades will also depend on the area of drawing and skin type. All tattoos will generally fade after some time but cannot completely disappear.

How can I speed up my tattoo removal?

Removing a tat requires a lot of patience and time. If you hurry up the process, you may create more problems like an infection, which may affect the removal process. Give your skin time to heal properly if you want to experience less scarring. You should follow the aftercare routine given by your specialist after every removal session.

How long will it take to remove a tattoo?

If you embark on getting rid of your unwanted tat, you’re probably more concerned about how long it will take to remove it. You may wish to remove it quickly, maybe before an event or reporting to work. The average time you may need to remove a tattoo could be a few weeks to even a year. It depends on your preferred method you choose to clear it and the nature of the tattoo.

Before you begin the process, you should be open-minded and expect it to take even more than a year to completely clear it. For laser removal, some tats may need eight sessions to get rid of, while others may require more than 10. Remember, you will need breaks of about two months between each laser session to give the skin time to heal.

Home removal methods will obviously take much more time to fade a tat completely. The following factors will also influence the speed of a tat removal.

  • Type of skin
  • The amount of ink used in the body art.
  • The tat’s location.
  • Ink colors.
  • The nature of the tattoo (layering)


The pain that comes with inking is similar to that which comes with tattoo removal. If you have decided to do away with the tat, it’s crucial that you do proper research prior to removing tattoos at home with salt and ice. You should keep in mind removing one at home is not so simple and could expose you to risks of infection. The safest and most effective solution will, of course, involve a professional.

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