How to Fade a Tattoo at Home: 4 Effective Ways to Try

Not all tattoo experiences are memorable, you might draw a tattoo expecting it to look a particular way, but ends up looking the exact opposite.

If you are having a post tattoo regret and want to get rid of it, then you have to start by fading it. Fading makes it easy to remove as the tattoo looks less distinct. It also helps tattoo artists draw a cover tattoo over it as the previous tattoo is now less visible.

How to Fade a Tattoo at Home

How to Fade a Tattoo at Home

Fading a tattoo can be professionally done in a tattoo parlor but if you don’t have the finances and would like to try a home solution, here are a few home tattoo fading options you can try out.

1. Use Lemon Juice

Lemons are viewed by many as a skin-lightening agent. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice directly to the skin for a few minutes, three times a day. After a few weeks, you will notice that the tattoo colors have begun fading, especially the dark, distinct colors.

Lemon juice only works for the top skin and cannot eradicate the tattoo. It doesn’t penetrate deep enough to remove the tattoo pigments within the skin.

2. Exfoliation Before Applying Hydrogen Peroxide

Exfoliation is removing the top layer of skin made of dead cells to allow for new cells’ growth. This process is done using an exfoliation tool, natural scrubs, or chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide cleans and relieves stress on the skin. If these two are used together, they are an effective means to fade a tattoo at home.

Exfoliate your skin for between five to ten minutes using a natural sugar scrub or salt scrub. Be careful not to remove too much skin as you will expose the raw cells which may lead to bleeding. You can now gently apply hydrogen peroxide to the area using a cotton swab. If the hydrogen peroxide feels painful to the skin, stop immediately. It means you broke new skin when exfoliating. You should only use hydrogen peroxide made for the skin to avoid scorching yourself.

3. Expose the Skin to the Sun

If you have a tattoo, especially a fresh one, you cannot expose it to the sun as the sun rays naturally fade them. This process is slow and isn’t sufficient on its own. It works best if you are doing it as you save money to visit a tattoo removal center. When in the sun, don’t apply sunscreen on the area with ink for this to work. You should be careful not to stay in the sun for too long as this will burn the skin.

4. Apply Removal Creams

You should contact your tattoo artist to suggest a removal cream before purchasing any to avoid the skin’s chemicals from reacting with the ink. These products take time before you notice any fading; hence you will be better off with other methods. It is also costly as you need to keep buying removal creams with no significance fading.

You should note these tips when following the above procedures;

  • These home fading processes take a lot of time and should not be rushed to avoid problems.
  • Consistency is key. You need to repeat any of these methods daily for several weeks to see results.
  • Suppose the skin reacts to agents in any of the methods mentioned, stop immediately and contact your dermatologist.
  • These methods leave you feeling itchy and with some scars if not applied correctly. You will be better off contacting a professional tattoo artist to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lemon Juice fade tattoos?

Yes, Lemon juice does indeed fade tattoos. Lemon juice has bleaching properties that will fade out a tattoo when done well and consistently for several weeks. You can use a salt lemon mixture for better results. Apply the mixture to the ink for roughly 30 minutes using a cotton swab. Massage the area and wash it off with lukewarm water. Salt has properties that penetrate deep into the skin and fade the ink faster. However, this method will leave you sore for some time.

Is there a natural way to remove tattoos?

Yes, there is. Going under the laser to remove your poorly done tattoo or one that you don’t like anymore does not look ideal, then there are natural methods available. It is costly and painful and takes between 12 to 15 sessions to eliminate the tattoo.

However, if you want to go natural, here are some ideas;

  • Use honey with Aloe Vera, Yogurt, and Salt concoction. Mix the Aloe Vera pulp, honey, yogurt, and salt, then apply to the inked area. Massage the area well, and the fading will be visible after several applications. This is the most effective home tattoo removal available. It does not leave scars and is also healthy for your skin.
  • Use a homemade removal cream. Most removal creams available in the market are of low quality and not as effective as advertised. You can make one at home using fresh Aloe Vera pulp, two capsules of Vitamin E, and one tablespoon of Paderia tomentosa Apply the mixture onto the tat, massage it for a few minutes and wash it off with warm water.

Can you remove tattoos without Lasers?
There are other numerous ways of removing tattoos without lasers. Lasers are the most common method people use to remove tattoos they no longer want. However, lasers have several health side effects, are expensive, and very painful. You can choose to go natural, but the natural ways people use are not proven or healthy. You can remove tat using tattoo vanish. It is a method where ink is brought to the skin’s surface and then washed away using an ink eraser. It takes around 30 minutes and about a week for your skin to heal completely. It is also not as painful as laser tattoo removal.

Is Vaseline safe during tattoo removal?
Yes, you can use Vaseline to quicken the healing process after tattoo removal. Some tattoo removal methods may put you at risk of infections, so you need to take care of the wound to avoid this. Vaseline has properties that trap moisture to keep the wound moisturized and free from germs.


Home solutions to your tattoo problem are an excellent way to regain control of the situation, but it is not usually the best. Different people have different reactions to different agents. Talking with your tattoo artist will help you narrow down to the products that will most help you. In case of any reaction to products, stop and consult your doctor immediately. If you consistently and accurately follow the methods mentioned above, you should notice the results after several weeks.

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