How To Make A Temporary Tattoo With Perfume

Temporary tattoos is the new trend among teens and adults alike. They give you a chance to ink yourself while still having the choice to remove it anytime you want. You can make a temporary tattoo for yourself at home using perfume.

There are two ways you can make a temporary tattoo with perfume. The first is printing out the tattoo of your choice. For you to successfully do this, you will require the following items;

The second is to draw the fake tattoo design yourself, and in such a case, you will need;

  • A pen or pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • Alcohol-based perfume
  • A hairdryer and/or baby powder

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo with Perfume

How To Make A Temporary Tattoo With Perfume

The procedure below covers the two ways you can make a fake tattoo using perfume.

Decide on the tattoo design.

As is the case of getting a real tattoo, you should know what kind of tattoo you want. Is it a large tattoo or a small one? A bold one or a timid one? And where will you place it? This will help you narrow down the parameters when searching for the tat design.

Search for the Tattoo Design

Make Google your friend by searching the tats that suit your preferred design. You can also use popular applications such as Pinterest and Reddit. There are endless resources to look for your design, so don’t settle for less. If you are creative and want to draw your design, then use a pen and put it on a plain piece of tracing paper. If you are not so good at drawing, you can start with a pencil and draw over it with a pen. Ensure you thickly draw your lines.

Print out your tattoo choice

Once you are satisfied that the tattoo you have chosen is what you want, copy it to MS Word, Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop, if you are familiar with these applications. Crop and shape the tat design to your preferred size, and one that will also be easy to print on an A4 sized paper.

Print the tat on a high-quality paper using a quality printer on its highest resolution. This will ensure the printed image is enhanced and looks real. You can print several copies for you and your friends if you plan sharing the temporary tattoo design. If you drew your tattoo, then you can skip this step.

Soak the paper tattoo design in perfume

This is an essential and very delicate part of the process, and you need to get it right. Start by cutting off the excess paper on the printed or tracing paper edges, leaving about an inch from the image. Hold your printed or drawn tattoo design six inches from the perfume. Spray until the paper is drenching wet and every part of the image is soaked in perfume. Stop as soon as the tracing paper becomes transparent.

Soak the paper in Hot Water

This next part is vital for the perfume to work. Place the perfumed printed paper in a hot water bath for between three and five minutes, then remove it carefully as it is flimsy and can break any minute. You wouldn’t want all your effort and time going to waste because you couldn’t be careful. If you drew your tattoo on tracing paper, you should skip this step.

Place the paper in your desired location

Spray the area you want to place your tattoo heavily with perfume for the best results. Carefully place the wet paper on the location you want the tattoo. Do the same with the perfumed tracing paper drawing.

Press the printed paper using a hot piece of cloth

To get the tattoo to transfer to your skin, you will need to hold down the printed paper onto your skin with a hot rug. Soak a piece of cloth in hot water and hold it there for at least two minutes. The image should have successfully transferred to the skin after this. For tracing paper people, skip this step and move onto the next.

Finish the tattoo with hairspray or baby powder

If you drew your tattoo, this is the step to transferring it onto your skin. To get the temporary tat to stick to the skin, spray the area with hairspray or sprinkle baby powder. This will make the tattoo hard and hold it well to the skin.

You now have yourself a tat and can remove the paper to show it off to your friends and family. If you did follow the steps well, your tattoo should have fully transferred to the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long do temporary tattoos with perfume last?

How long a temporary tattoo will last depends on the size and design of the tattoo. But on average, a fake tat can last from three days to a month. How well you take care of the fake tattoo will also determine its lifespan.

Can you make a temporary tattoo permanent?

You can add baby powder or hairspray to your temporary tattoos to elongate their lifespan, but if you wanted to make it permanent, you would need to visit a tattoo parlor. You can always make and wear the same fake tattoo if you are afraid of the tattooing process.

How do fake tattoos work?

A fake or temporary tattoo is an image representation that you put on your skin and easily remove. You transfer an image from a paper to your skin that can act as a tattoo for several days and can withstand several rounds of washings.


Temporary tattoos are the in thing at the moment. It is easy to draw one, it is not painful, and you can get rid of it anytime you want. You will look trendy and still avoid your parents’ scolding. If you are working in an institution that forbids tattoos, then temporary tats give you the option to have one when not on duty or holiday. Making temporary tattoos with perfume is easy, and they usually look real.

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