How To Fix A Misspelled Tattoo

Ever gotten a tattoo that you hate and want to get rid of?  A misspelled one is the worst as it ruins its meaning and costs you a lot more trying to fix it. The mistake might be yours or the tattoo artist.

You could have provided the tattoo artist with the wrong design with a misspelled word or the tattooist could not have been keen enough during the session and got it all wrong. Whichever the case, the solutions below should be of help.

You Can Fix It

How To Fix A Misspelled Tattoo

Sometimes a lousy tattoo could be a single line miss, which a touch-up tattoo can fix. Fixing a misspelled tattoo is usually done during a touch-up session or once the tattoo has healed. The fixing entails adding color to the tattoo and most likely a few line additions to get it right.

Draw Another Tattoo Over It

Some tattoos are just impossible to fix. A complicated tattoo design gives the tattoo artist a hard time trying to fix it. They might even make it worse by repairing it, so most avoid correcting such and opt to cover it up. Covering the ink entails adding a more sophisticated design over the original to hide it.

You should know that the tattoo will still be there, with the difference being original tat hidden under another layer of tattoo ink. Only visit tattoo artists specialized in cover-up tattoos as not all artists are good at cover-up tattoos. You wouldn’t want a worse tattoo than the one you had over it. Don’t forget to numb skin before draw another tattoo.

Retain The Tattoo

Not all tattoos are as bad as they seem in the first place. A misspelled tattoo can be viewed as a joke if you give it time to grow on you. You can learn to live with it instead of incurring extra costs trying to fix it.

Give the tattoo time and wait to see how you feel about it after the initial shock wears off. Your friends might like it the way it is. Some mistakes are also barely noticeable and don’t need fixing.

Remove the tattoo

Removing the tattoo should only be your last option as it is the most expensive of these options. No matter how bad it looks, try the above options first before you consider removing it. If the tattoo artist cannot fix it or find a way to cover it and you can’t stand it, then go for laser removal. There is nothing that a few laser sessions can’t fix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sue for a misspelled tattoo?

Yes, one can sue for a misspelled tattoo under certain conditions. According to the law, you have to prove breach of duty by the tattoo artist. If you provided the correct spelling and he tattooed it wrongly, then you have grounds to sue. However, talk with the tattoo artists first.

If they made a mistake, most of them would usually offer to fix it for free. Only sue them if they refuse to accept responsibility and correct their errors. Tattoos are permanent, and a bad one can get you a hefty compensation as they can cause you significant damage.

Can one get a refund for a bad tattoo?

Yes, you can get a refund for a bad tattoo. A misspelled tattoo might be impossible for the tattoo artist to fix or cover-up. In such a case, the tattoo artist should pay for its removal or a fix-up by another artist. If you can’t agree, you can demand a refund.

How long before one can fix a misspelled tattoo?

It is possible to fix a tattoo, but you will need to wait for it to heal first. A tattoo usually takes between four to six weeks to heal. If you want to fix it or draw a cover-up, you will have to wait that long.

Can you fix a dark tattoo?

Yes, tattoo artists can fix dark tattoos, but they are not the easiest tattoos to work on. Fixing a misspelled dark tattoo requires you to first fade it. This will make the process take longer than usual, but it is crucial not to have a dark outline being visible over the cover up.

What can one do to avoid a misspelled tattoo?

Being careful is the only way that you and the tattoo artist can avoid a simple mistake like a misspelling. You will also need to communicate better to make the session a successful one. The tattoo artist should be keen on their job, and you should avoid twitching during the session to avoid making an error. Also, ensure you provide the correct tattoo spelling.

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Tattoo artists take their profession very seriously hence why it is rare to find one make a simple misspelling mistake. No one wants to have a bad tattoo, but it happens, and you should not panic as the solutions provided above will help you fix it.

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