Black Sheep Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

Sheep have been part of human society since early civilization. They were among the first animals that man domesticated. They hold a special psychic place in our community.

As part of early mythology and religion, they represented sacrifice, purity, divinity, and perfection.

In the Bible, most animal sacrifices were sheep. It is no wonder Christians refer to Jesus as the lamb of God. However, different breeds of sheep have different meanings. The black sheep tattoo meaning originates from the black sheep.

Black Sheep Tattoo Meaning

Black Sheep Tattoo Meaning

The black sheep is a sheep breed with black fleece. The fleece color occurs fromthe evolution of a recessive gene it possesses. Early man couldn’t understand how one sheep could be different from the flock. At the time, black symbolized negativity and was a sign of a bad omen. This made the black sheep an outcast as people believed it would bring its owner bad luck.

The phrase “the family’s black sheep” came from this situation. It means one who is different from the rest and is usually separated. Sometimes the person removes themselves from the group. They become rebellious as they do not want to conform to the norms and set rules. The person is a loner and prefers segregation over agroup. They often make their own rules.

A black sheep tattoo can also mean willingness to sacrifice for another. Sheep tattoo, especially lamb, means sacrifice. The color should not change that meaning.

Sheep, in religious terms, means one who follows. In the Bible, the flock represented people who follow Jesus’ teachings. Getting the black sheep tattoo could mean not adhering to the said teachings. It could also mean you interpret the instructions differently from expectations.

Why is the Black Sheep Tattoo Popular?

Not everyone in society will look, behave or think the same way. Democracy and the right of speech promote people to be themselves rather than part of the normal. The black sheep tattoo symbolizes just that. It is a show of being different and being bold about it.Modern society does not victimize or chase away the different people but instead embraces this minority.

Pop culture has celebrities promoting rebellion as being true to yourself. They make being a bad boy seem fashionable. With social media, more people see this and want to copy them. They all want to be rebels in society, and there is no better way to announce you are a rebel than a black sheep tattoo.

Sheep are common animals that have been part of us since human society’s development. They are quiet and tame. These are characters that most people adore and would love to adopt in their lives.

Sheep are popular as sacrificial animals. The black sheep tattoo is popular with people willing to sacrifice themselves for others, who put other people’s needs ahead of theirs.

Who is the Black Sheep Tattoo for?

The black sheep is unique from the flock. Sheep are generally white, so a black one doesn’t fit in the group. The same applies to the wearer of the black sheep tattoo. It is a tattoo design for those who don’t fit in with their friends or family. They act and behave differently from those around them.

Are you a rebel? Don’t want to follow the laid rules but instead make your own? Then this tattoo is for you. It is for the bad boys who do what they want when they want. You don’t adhere to commonality but set off on yourpath.

The black sheep tattoo is not only restricted to those different in society. It can be yours if you are looking for a simple, budget-friendly tattoo. It also looks fantastic, and you can get it in different designs, from animated to simple line designs.

The black sheep tattoo represents the sacrificial lambs in our community. It means those willing to put the needs of others ahead of theirs. You can even get the black lamb tattoo for better emphasis.

For first-time tattoo wearers, you need something simple and beautiful. Getting this tattoo should also take a little time and be as painless as possible. To achieve this, you need an easy-to-draw tattoo. The black sheep tattoo is as easy to draw as any tattoo.

Best Placement for the Black Sheep Tattoo

The black sheep tattoo comes in different designs, which determine its placement. If you go for a simple, small sheep tattoo design,you should ink it on the wrist or shoulder blade. If it has a deeper meaning for you and you want to look at it regularly, you should wear it on your wrist.

The ankle is another ideal place toget the tattoo. Animated small designs will look great around your ankles or arms. There are detailed tattoos of the black sheep available. However, these need a large surface hence will look good on the thighs, chest, back, or even your upper arm.


The black sheep tattoo is a design that you can get creative with. It is not cast in stone to look a certain way. You can sit down with your tattoo artist and design one that will be unique and look good on you. Let the meaning not prevent you from getting this tattoo. A tattoo is an accessory. Nothing should stop you from getting it if it looks good on you. If you are on a budget, you can still get this tattoo. It involves drawing a few lines and some shading. It is easy for the tattoo artist and is not time-consuming.

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