Centipede Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

We all enjoy different things in life. While some enjoy beauty and luxury, others enjoy creepy and weird things.

If you feel comfortable with the darker side of life, then a centipede tattoo could fascinate you. But what exactly is a centipede tattoo meaning?

This article explores what these squirmy creatures are and what they signify when engraved on the human skin.

Centipede Tattoo Meaning

Centipedes are small invertebrates that mostly thrive well in savannahs, prairies, and forests. They are all over the world as there are more than 800 species. In most places, they prefer living in dark areas where few creatures can reach. They can be found under rocks and in rotten woods.

Centipede Tattoo Meaning

As the name suggests, centipedes have 100 legs, but this is not entirely true. It varies according to species. Some have as little as 30 legs, while others have more than 300. The distinctive feature of centipedes from millipedes is that each body segment has one pair of legs.

Centipedes are secretive animals that work in places that are not easily accessible. People who love this tattoo are usually secretive and most comfortable at night. Centipedes have varying symbolisms according to different cultures and wearers.

Native American tribes used the centipede as a symbol of power. They believed centipedes had the ability to go into the underworld sometimes. Some people, therefore, ink this image to represent power. Most people who ink this tattoo try to communicate to others to stay away from them as they possess great willpower.

In the Batok culture and traditions in South East Asia, this creepy creature was a symbol of spiritual guidance and protection. Wearers of this tattoo believed they were guided and protected by supernatural powers wherever they went.

In some cases, the centipede tattoo could mean rebellion. People see it as a form of protest against established foundations and social norms. Well, this could be true. In the real sense, the owner isn’t ashamed to warn others that he has differing opinions from the people around him. What’s more, they don’t fear criticism and conviction.

 Centipede tattoos are a symbol of wealth and success. People believe their many pairs of legs can help you reach your goals faster while attracting luck. But this depends on how the centipede is inked. If it is facing upwards, it is an attraction of financial breakthrough. If it is otherwise facing down, it symbolizes trouble and even death.

Why Centipede Tattoos Are Popular

Centipedes have been commonly used in tattoo art, just like butterflies, beetles, and caterpillars. They have deep meaning that varies from different cultures and the attitude of the person wearing them.

Centipedes are also a great piece of art that can fit any part of the body. Whether you want it curled on your back or wrapped around your waist or wrist, you have limitless possibilities of playing around with this tattoo design. They have a flexible meandering shape that makes them ideal for different tattoo styles.

Drawing a centipede tattoo is one of the best ways to create a frightening effect on fearful people. A talented tattoo artist will draw a realistic image that will send goosebumps to some people.

Who is Centipede Tattoo For?

It is no doubt a centipede image looks creepy and very frightening. This makes it the best tattoo choice for people who love scary things. While this image will frighten the hell out of others, some will feel at home when they see them.

Some people are assertive about what they want and their opinions in life. They don’t care about having different beliefs from others. The centipede tattoo would perfectly fit them. This approach, however, could associate such people with individualism and selfishness. It is seen whereby the wearer of this tat is less concerned about others’ emotions and views. Some even draw it with an intention to frighten other people.

The centipede tattoo is best for people who believe they have the strongest willpower. By tattooing it, they are deliberately warning us to stay away from them or face their wrath. Secretive individuals also love this tattoo as it gives them the comfort to do what they want without feeling guilty.

Best Placement for Centipede Tattoo

A centipede is a versatile tattoo that can perfectly fit in different places on the body. It will mostly look good on elongated areas like the lower leg, forearm, or back. On these body parts, It can be depicted in its crawling nature.

Sometimes, the centipede is drawn in a circular shape. It may be decorated with a few touches at the center. In this case, the centipede will harmoniously fit on the thigh, shoulder, chest, or shoulder blade.

A centipede tattoo can otherwise be inked as simple designs wrapping around body parts like the wrist, fingers, leg, and waist. The choice of place depends on your preference and what it means to you. Be sure to consult the tattooist first, as some areas might be very painful or could take longer to heal.


The centipede is a small animal that carries a lot of spiritual meaning worldwide. They symbolize power, protection, and safety in different cultures and traditions. Centipede tattoos are an incredible piece of art for rare people. No matter how you see these tattoos, they are unique images that will never go out of style.

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