Playboy Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

The Playboy bunny is an iconic symbol well-known across the world. It has featured in different works of art such as see on jewelry, clothing, and tattoo designs.

The Playboy tattoo design has been a popular choice for both men and women in the past few years.

The Playboy tattoo meaning is something that will inspire you to add it to your collection. Read on to learn more.

Playboy Tattoo Meaning

Simple, clean, yet distinctive, the Playboy symbol was first featured in the 2nd issue of Playboy magazine produced by Hugh Hefner. Mr. Paul, a designer, sketched this beautiful image.

When drawing this logo, Paul envisioned something that was humorously sexual and playful at the same time. He, therefore, chose the rabbit or bunny because of its vivacity and attractiveness. 

Since then, this logo has featured in many merchandises across the world and now as a tattoo design. The Playboy tattoo carries symbolic meaning to people who wear it. It could represent various things ranging from playfulness to fantasy and pleasure.

Playboy Tattoo Meaning

1. Playful

When Paul envisioned the Playboy logo, he settled for a bunny because of its energetic nature. A rabbit is a playful animal. It would want to escape first when you come across it, then come back and play with you. This tattoo, therefore, symbolizes the vivacity and playful nature of the owner. The wearers are usually high-spirited people who can easily get along with others.

2. Sexy

The first production of Playboy magazine featured Marilyn Monroe’s nude photographs. Hefner wanted to treat sexuality and sex discussions in a respectful manner, which was a success. The Playboy tattoo has therefore been used as sex symbolism. People who tattoo it are not afraid to show their sexuality and how attractive they are. It is associated with all things sexuality, fantasy, erotic, and seduction.

3. Gang Membership

The Playboy tattoo is used to symbolize belonging to the Playboys 13 Gang (PBS13), which started in California. The gang members use this symbol as a tattoo, too, besides in their graffiti. According to “Gangs: A Reference Handbook, Second Edition,” the Playboy signifies the attentiveness of gang members.

Why Playboy Tattoos are Popular

Playboy tattoos are popularly known as symbols of sex and pleasure. It is a simple, cute, and discrete design that many people choose for a number of reasons. Most people, however, get this tattoo because they love the symbol and not because of the meaning. The quality of this simple design would make it any tattoo enthusiast’s favorite.

Bunny tattoo designs are versatile pieces that you can give a minor tweak to bring out a whole new meaning. You can easily incorporate phrases such as “seductive” to your Playboy tattoo. Most men add other designs such as playing cards or money to it. You can even add your name or your lover’s name to your tattoo to make it more appealing.

Many Playboy tattoo owners wear them in black. A deep black tone is simple and represents class, luxury, and professionalism. Women prefer it in pink or white as these are believed to be feminine colors. Nonetheless, you can find Playboy tattoos in other colors such as red, purple, and grey. You can choose to have it in whatever color you want without altering the meaning. This flexibility makes it one of the best tattoo choices around.

Who is Playboy Tattoo For?

Playboy tattoo is one of the best body arts to express one’s personality. It could be your best bet if you want to show the world how vibrant or high-spirited you are. Its black calm color oozes class and professionalism. Women can comfortably draw it to show their sexuality in a respectful manner.

If you are a member or supporter of the Vice Lords or Playboy Gangs, you can ink this tattoo to show your loyalty to the groups. There’s no better way to associate with them discreetly than by drawing this tattoo, as only a few will understand your intention.

It is also a favorite tattoo design for Playboy magazine lovers. Some people tattoo this image without focusing a lot on its meaning. They simply love Playboy magazine and use this image to appreciate this work of art.

You can still have this tattoo if you have none of the above reasons in mind but love its elegance and simplicity.

Best Placement for Playboy Tattoo

The Playboy is a versatile tattoo design that can be drawn in different sizes. You can ink it as a small piece or large size depending on your reasons for it and the placement. It will still look good whether you draw on the entire back or small size for the hip.

While this design can be tattooed on any body location, including hand, chest, and arm, most people have it on the groin or hip area due to its sex symbolism. Generally, women often tattoo the Playboy on the stomach, hips, or lower back. It is usually is in a small size for women.

On the other hand, men would prefer to ink it on the back, arms, or shoulder, usually in a much larger design.

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Throughout its history, the Playboy icon has enjoyed wide popularity among different people worldwide. Tattoo lovers draw it to signify very personal reasons that vary from wearers. Before you ink this tattoo, ensure you understand its meaning and can relate it to your day-to-day life.

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