Lover Loser Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

Tattoo inspirations vary from one person to another. Inspiration can come from a favorite quote, movie, series, and music. It can even come from experiences.

If you get a tattoo design from a movie or music inspiration, you are likely to find a sense of belonging with others having tats inspired by the same.

Lover Loser is an example of a movie-inspired tattoo that many ink lovers have adopted. But what is the lover loser tattoo meaning?

Lover Loser Tattoo Meaning

Lover Loser Tattoo Meaning

To understand the meaning of the loser lover tattoo, you first need to understand its origin. Stephen King, a renowned author, wrote the book ‘IT’ in 1986. The horror novel has won several awards and has even been adapted into a 2017 film with the same title.

‘IT,’ also referred to as ‘Pennywise,’ was the main antagonist in the story and used various powers to prey on children in Derry, Maine. Derry is a fictional town in the state of Maine in the United States.

In the story, ‘IT’ was first discovered by the Losers club—a group of seven children united by their sad lives and being victims of bullying. The children, six boys and one girl, became friends and wanted to help each other defeat ‘IT.’ The whole story is about their friendship, togetherness, and facing fears.

The Loser Lover phrase came from Eddie, a member of the losers club. One day, he broke his arm as he was running away from ‘Pennywise’ and was left with a heavy-duty cast. When a bully saw it in school, he wrote the word ‘Loser’ in large print. Trying to save face, Eddie changed the word loser to lover by adding ‘V’ on top of the ‘S.’

A loser is a person who loses a lot. A lover is someone who likes something or someone. Eddie was bullied and oppressed for a long time, and now he had found a group of friends who were willing to fight by his side. He adored his friends. So in the story, Eddie turns from a loser to a lover.

Now that you understand the origin of the loser lover phrase, we go back to the tattoo, which means not accepting being a loser and wanting to change your fortunes to be a lover. Whether loving yourself, someone, or something, it is better than being a loser.

Tattoos mean a lot of different things to different people. The Loser Lover tattoo can also mean having lost something or someone you loved, and now you have found someone or something else to love. 

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Why is the Loser Lover Tattoo Popular?

lover loser tattoo on hand

Stephen King is known for writing all genres of books, notably horror novels. He is an award-winning writer, with some of his books being adapted to movies and miniseries.

If you are good at something, you are bound to have a lot of fanatics. ‘IT’ was his 22nd novel and the first introduction of Pennywise to the fiction world. You can ink yourself the loser lover tattoo to commemorate the book and the genius author.

Several other movies and series have also adopted the loser lover phrase, most notably Riverdale. Such films and series have many fans, and some of them in awe of the phrase have tattooed it on themselves.

The loser lover tattoo meaning has also impressed a lot of people who view it as a sign of changing their fortunes and have inked the phrase on themselves. They do so to replicate the loser lover phrase in their lives.

Who is the Loser Lover Tattoo for?

Who is the Loser Lover Tattoo for

If you are a tattoo enthusiast and a Stephen King fan who wants to show their love for him in a not very obvious way, then the loser lover tattoo is the way to go. The phrase is not as evident as inking the name ‘Stephen King,’ yet you can show your love and support for him and his work.

Are you in love with the novel or movie IT? Did you relate to the losers club? If you did, then what better way to show your support than the loser lover tattoo? A group of friends who were losers and victims of bullying has now found friendship and love in the face of a monster looking to feed on their fears. This alone should be enough for non-tattoo lovers to consider inking this phrase on themselves.

If you are tired of being a loser and would rather be a lover instead, then this is the tattoo for you. You turn the S to V, and hopefully, your fortunes turn around. This will represent the end of you being a loser and the start of being a lover.

Best Placement for the Loser Lover Tattoo

Placement for the Loser Lover Tattoo

You can place this tattoo in any place on your body, depending on your reason for getting one in the first place. In the story, Eddie’s cast was on the arm where the bully defaced it with the words loser. If the loser lover tattoo signifies your love for the movie and novel IT, you should get the ink on your arm to show the world your passion.

If your reason for getting the loser lover tattoo is as a signal that you are tired of losing a loved one and now want only to be a lover, then the ink should be on your chest. What better place to signal the end of losing love and the start of another love conquest than the chest?

Lover Loser Tattoo Ideas & Designs


Getting a tattoo for a reason usually prevents you from having regrets about it. It will reduce your chances of removing it or covering it up. The loser lover tattoo is full of reasons you should get it, so you will not likely want to get rid of it. You can also get it in different designs depending on where you ink it. This tattoo design is not for everyone; hence, it is not as popular as other designs. However, if you get it, you will feel a sense of entitlement and belonging.

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