Upside Down Rose Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

Roses are iconic tattoo designs that never get old. They are a depiction of boldness, elegance and absolute beauty.

A rose tattoo drawn in an upright position signifies pure love and happiness. Does that mean an inverted one means the opposite?

This article explains the upside-down rose tattoo meaning and what makes it popular.

Upside Down Rose Tattoo Meanings

Many mythologies surround the origin of rose tattoos. The thorns, beauty and scent all play a role in explaining its meaning. An upside rose carries various connotations such as rejection and sadness, pretty the opposite of an upright one. Here are some of the symbolism made by this tat.

Upside Down Rose Tattoo meaning

1. Death

Roses simplify love, and when they are drawn upside down, it symbolizes lost love and, in most cases, death. In this case, the tattoo is an image that represents the person who died. It reminds you of them and the passion you had towards them. It could also show a tragic event that happened to you.

2. Dejection

An inverted rose tattoo symbolizes a sad state, mostly when in depression. This could mean the wearer is going through a tough time in life but will not give up any time soon. It inspires them to keep on pushing, and when they overcome, it shows that humans can overcome anything thrown at them.

3. Broken Love

When an intimate relationship ends, the affected parties experience heartbreaks and emotional instability. Body art enthusiasts would prefer drawing an inverted rose as a sorrowful symbol of the lost love. It shows the pain experienced after the end of the love.

4. Feminity

Research shows that upside down roses are more commonly tattooed on women than on men. This could indicate the wearer’s femininity which is attributed to the fact that inverted roses are more delicate than upright roses. The petals could crumble and break.

Alternatively, it could show how vulnerable a woman is in many aspects of life. She is a beautiful and delicate being that needs utmost safety and protection.

5. It Could Mean What you Want it to Mean

Finally, an inverted rose tattoo could not bear the heavy meaning you may think. It could be a simple rose design that was inverted to make a unique style. It can be a sign of a hidden personality of the wearer, usually less known by others. You need to be careful how you interpret one, as it could be the exact opposite of what it means.

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Why are Upside Down Rose Tattoos Popular?

Since ancient Greek mythology Aphrodite, roses have been associated with love, passion and purity. They can be inked in different colours to show various forms of love. Roses are also an elegant and beautiful piece of body art that anyone can wear.

Love and life, in general, have an end, however beautiful they are. This explanation in itself makes inverted rose tattoos popular as they will always have a meaning to them. Whether you lose a loved one in your arms or experience broken promises, it will always remind you that you tried your best, and what’s important is that you’re human and you survived.

In life, we all face hard times and good times. The hard times don’t define anyone. When going through a dark phase in life, you can draw an upside rose to show that you’re a fighter. When you overcome that, you will feel like a hero, and the tat will remind you of where you were.

When combined with other shapes and designs, the inverted rose could bring out another meaning altogether. For instance, it symbolizes the wearer’s pain if inked inside a triangle. It is vital that you take your time to think about what you want the piece to mean because it is permanent, so you’ll have to live with it forever.

Who is Upside Down Rose Tattoo for?

An inverted rose is a fascinating tattoo to have for ink lovers. Its diverse connotations could make it a suitable piece, especially if you have a unique personality that very few people can relate to.

This tat is also best for people who have lost love or experienced the demise of an important person. It gives you the courage to grieve and even accept that life has to end despite the beauty in it.

If you’re in a dark place and need assurance that it shall be well soon, then this tattoo is a perfect idea for you. Similar to the pain you experience when you get inked, whatever you’re going through will also come to pass. You’ll need time to heal and forget about it all.

Best Placement for Upside Down Rose Tattoo

An upside rose tattoo can be placed on any part of the body. However, the following are popular placements;


This is the most popular spot to ink this tattoo. It screams to the world that you’re devoted to tattooing. You can have it in the design and color you want. If you feel it is too large and prominent on the hand, you can have a small rose done on any of your fingers.

Arm and Shoulder

Besides the hand, the arm is also a favorite placement for this tattoo. You can have it drawn as the main design or as part of another concept, on the forearm or towards the shoulder. It can form a long, powerful piece for your sleeve.

Chest and Neck

Inking an upside-down rose tattoo on the neck and chest is a cute way to make a statement. According to your intended symbolism, you can draw it independently or as part of some other design. The chest is a good spot if you want it less noticeable, and so are the thigh and hip areas.

Before you get inked, ensure you know where you want it placed and what that means. Keep things such as professionalism in mind to help you make an informed decision.


Tattoos are a great way to show your personality and other meanings personal to you. When drawing an inverted rose, remember that it will last longer than whatever inspired it. Perhaps you want to ensure you have a memory, emotion or idea that you want to remember through the ink.

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