Crying Heart Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

Several western tattoo designs have stood the test of time and are still a favorite in the tattooing community.

Tattoo designs such as the crying heart were popular in the 20th century. The classic designs started the tattooing culture that we now enjoy. They were the pioneers of tattoos and are as popular today as they were then. People got these designs to mean something.

The crying heart tattoo meaning is universal and applies to most people’s situations.

Crying Heart Tattoo Meaning

Legendary tattoo artist Bert Grimm designed the crying heart tattoo. He was one of the pioneers of western tattoo designs. The design blueprint was minimal shading, vivid colors, and clean black outlines. Grimm’s focus was on creating designs that would last forever.

Crying Heart Tattoo Meaning

The crying heart tattoo has several meanings, with the most popular being a broken heart which means the end of a romantic relationship. People have a different coping mechanism for heartbreaks. As some get drunk and cry themselves to sleep, you can get yourself a crying heart tattoo. The tattoo can act as a reminder of the pain or signal the end of that relationship.

Tattoos are a way to remember someone or something. For the lovers of western tattoo designs, you can get the crying heart tattoo as a remembrance to the Los Angeles tattoo godfather Bert Grimm. As a lover of classic tattoos, it might mean being able to appreciate a legendary tattoo artist.

Why Crying Heart Tattoos are Popular

Crying heart tattoos are popular because you can have them tattooed on almost any part of your body. They are small designs that are easy and quick to ink on the body. Those who want boldly exposed tattoos and hidden ink can get this design, albeit in different locations.

It is a classic tattoo and, as such, is popular with traditional ink enthusiasts. If you appreciate traditional tattoos, this is one of the cleanest, bold ink designs you can get. It represents the 20th-century era hence its popularity with most lovers of classic designs. It represents everything that was loved and appreciated then.

Most large tattoo enthusiasts looking to ink themselves today look for designs that form a more comprehensive cohesive look. The crying heart can effortlessly fit into many tattoo designs, especially the traditional ones. It will hardly look out of place in a conventional sleeve tattoo. The beauty is that you can make it the center of your masterpiece or a supplementary of your other design.

Price is a significant contributing factor to the design you choose. Small tattoos are usually easy to ink hence cheaper to get. Crying heart tattoos are inexpensive due to their small, simple design. This makes them the best option if you want to get a good-looking tat on a limited budget.

Variety of design is another factor in how popular and how many generations a tattoo design will last. The crying heart has been popular for over 100 years because of its variety. You can get one that perfectly represents your situation. There are several designs, such as funny ones, really sad ones, and those customizable with your ex-partner’s name. You can even get one with a sword passing through if you feel betrayed. Its customizability and variety make this one of the most popular inks to get.

Tattoo ideas that both men and women can get are preferable to gender-specific ones. The crying heart is not specific to any gender, although you can get particular designs to suit your gender if you so wish.

Best Placement for Crying Heart Tattoo

The placement of your crying heart tattoo depends on your reason for getting one in the first place. If you ink yourself a crying heart to symbolize the end of a romantic relationship, then draw it on your chest. As your heart is hurting, it is only fitting that the pain of getting a tattoo is on your chest.

The best place to get a crying heart tattoo as part of a design is on the arm. Most traditional large tattoo designs are sleeves. If you want to add it as a part of your classic design, the arm is your best choice.


A crying heart tattoo is designed for non-tattoo lovers and ink lovers alike. You can get this design as your first and only tattoo, while another person can get it as part of their set. It is one of a few tattoos that is appreciated by all even those against tattooing.

Tattoo meaning is personal, so you need to take your time to choose a design that is intimate to you. You can also sit down with your tattoo artist and develop a custom design. The popularity of the crying heart tattoo will only increase as tattooing continues to be widely accepted in the community.

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