2 Lines Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

Armband tattoos have become popular among body art lovers. Whether it is a two-line, three-line or solid armband, it has a meaning that you need to understand before you get yourself one.

For instance, 2 Lines tattoo meaning could be the loss of a dear thing or person, among other things.

This article looks at the details of a two stripes tattoo, including the meaning and where they are placed. Read on to learn more.

2 Lines Tattoo Meanings

2 Lines Tattoo Meanings

When looking to get a new tat, you will come across many picture designs with different meanings. This is why researching beforehand is vital to understand what a design means and if it resonates with you.

Two-line tattoos often symbolize infinity and death. These meanings could vary depending on the color of ink and where you place it. Once you understand a tattoo’s meaning, you can design it and have it drawn to represent your intentions. Here are the meanings of 2- line tat, usually two solid black lines or a thick line followed by a thinner stripe.


Death is the most popular meaning of a black solid line tattoo. Black is mainly associated with death. It shows the loss of an important thing, person or pet. It shows mourning and helps you preserve memories of this dear thing or person. Most importantly, this tat demonstrates your respect and love for the person you lost.

Strength and Courage

Many people draw a solid armband tattoo to show their strength, courage and power. It is commonly done at the bicep since this muscle is believed to have a lot of strength in the human body. This tattoo is simply a manifest of physicality on both men and women. Individuals in the health and fitness industry fancy this body art quite a lot.

A Charm for Good Luck

Some people believe that a two-line tattoo drawn on the bicep could be a lucky charm. Wearing this brings about a lot of good things.

Culture and Spirituality

Many tribes have used line tattoos traditionally to represent several things. In Polynesian cultures, two-line tattoos have been used to show duality. This means everything in life has two aspects, the good and the evil, and so is life and death. They, therefore, use these line tattoos to describe the duality of life and their spiritual beliefs.

Why Are 2 Lines Tattoos Popular?

Line tattoos are usually drawn towards one direction around the arm or your preferred part of the body. As explained above, this design is ideal for armband tats and bears different meanings. In the last few years, two-line tattoos have become very popular. Besides the meaning, they are easy to draw and look amazing. It is one of its kind when it comes to line tattoos.

Two-line tattoos can either be thick or thinner, depending on your preference. The size can also be adjusted according to the size of the arm. The two lines can be tattooed on the forearm or the upper arm. It is a great way to end a sleeve tattoo uniquely. While you can color this tattoo as you wish, bold black color is the most preferable as it makes them look great.

Line tattoos are also popular since they can be drawn in many designs. Whether it is two bold lines, or a bold and a thinner line, they both call attention. You can color with black ink or a different color altogether. The flexibility of this tat also allows you to have different designs between the two lines to give it a unique touch.

Line tattoos inked on the wrist give an illusion of wearing a wristband. This makes it ideal for people who are used to wearing wristbands or bracelets. It looks superior on the body part, and what’s more, the artist can design it in multiple ways.

Line tattoos are small, simple and unique body art you could ever have.

Best Placement for 2 Lines Tattoo

Two-line tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, depending on what you want them to mean. Whether to draw it on the right or the left doesn’t matter a lot. It will still bring out the same meaning regardless of the position. You may, however, want to get inked on the left arm to symbolize strength.

The following are common placements of this tattoo.


The forearm is a great place to ink a two-line tat. Both lines can be thin, thick or a touch of both. It gives an illusion of a wristband when designed in a number of ways.

Upper arm

Most people inking this tattoo to represent strength and power prefer to have it on the upper arm at the biceps. This is because the biceps is the body part significant to strength. A tat inked on this part highlights the curvature of the biceps, which fitness enthusiasts take pride in.

When looking to show a unique universe, you can have your tat drawn from the middle of the top part of the arm. This works best with a tattoo that features a thick and thin line. The thick like is done on the larger part of the arm, while the thinner one is done where the arm starts to get thinner.

Calf and lower leg

Line tattoos on the lower part of the leg are a unique representation of a bracelet. They can be beautifully designed to form a unique art. A thick and thin line can also be done from the calf towards the lower leg. The leg is a great place to draw a less noticeable but simple cool tattoo.


Armband tattoos have become popular of late. They come in different designs, with some easy to draw and others very complex. Two-line tattoos have a bunch of meanings depending on how and where they are drawn. Line tattoos are simple and easy to make body art that demands attention. They can also be used to cover up small existing tattoos.

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