Creation of Adam Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

While many people may view tattoos as evil, some draw them to show their spirituality and faith in God.

Tattoos like the creation of Adam have been used to signify the belief in God. If you want to get this tattoo, you first need to understand what it means.

Here is a detailed explanation of the creation of Adam tattoo meaning and where it originated.

Creation of Adam Tattoo Meaning

Creation of Adam Tattoo Meaning

Created by an Italian painter, Michelangelo, the creation of Adam tattoo is depicted as two hands, with one trying to reach out to the other. To him, it was a way of paying tribute to God and man. In Michelangelo’s creation, God’s right hand is seen stretching out to Adam’s left hand to give him the spark of life since he was his creator.

In the original masterpiece of the creation of Adam, God is bearded and dressed in a cloak while Adam is entirely nude. Since it was a huge portrait, tattoo artists have recreated it, which has given rise to different variations. The most uncomplicated design of this tattoo is drawn as two hands only, with fingers stretching out. This tattoo could signify the following things, depending on the wearer;

New Beginning: When God was reaching out to Adam, he wanted to bring him to life. It was the final step in his work of creation where he was making man place him on earth to take care of animals and plants. It was the birthing of the world and human beings. When drawn on the body, this tattoo could mean rebirth, an awakening, or a profuse feeling to the wearer. You could be going through a new phase in life, and marking it with a tattoo is an excellent way to remember the event. 

Humans are God’s Replication: In the creation of Adam tattoo, Both Adam’s and God’s hands look alike. This signifies that God created man in His image. This tattoo, therefore, means man is a direct copy of God. Wearers believe they have the same features and characteristics of God, except that they’re not as powerful as Him. 

God is Powerful than Man: A close look at the creation of Adam tattoo shows that the two hands are not in direct contact with each other. God’s fingers are the one stretching out to reach Adam. It means, however much humans resemble God, they’re not on the same level as Him. God, the giver of life, tries to reach out to humans when we need Him. 

Why is the Creation of Adam Tattoo Popular?

When Michelangelo painted this piece of art at the Sistine chapel, he didn’t realize it would be adored in the spiritual and world of art. Many years later, people tattoo it on their bodies to represent different things. Many people get this tattoo not only to pay tribute to God and his works of creation but also to the incredible painter.

A considerable number of people are religious and hold on to the belief that God created the earth and everything in it, including man. This makes it a famous piece of art for strong believers to appreciate the work God put in when he created man and allowed him to be superior among other living things.

Since its creation, the creation of Adam tattoo has had many recreations over the years. While some tattooists prefer to draw it as it is, others have added or removed some elements to make a different design out of it. Common additions to this tattoo include a leaf, which indicates the fall of humanity as seen when Adam ate the forbidden fruit, became naked, and covered himself with the leaves of a fig tree.

Its versatility makes it easy to recreate. Some people give it a traditional or modern twist that could mean an entirely different thing. You can add details such as quotes and other elements to make it timeless.

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Who is the Creation of Adam Tattoo For?

The creation of Adam can be worn by people of strong faith in God and the creation of the universe. It will be a perfect addition to your tattoos if you have experienced inner soul awakening and value what other people purpose to do with their lives on earth.

If you don’t follow any religion but just love art, you can get this ink for aesthetic reasons. You can also tattoo it as an appreciation of the connection between your life journey and the creation of Adam.

Best Placement for Creation of Adam Tattoo

If you want to get the creation of Adam tattoo, you should keep in mind that it is a detailed art that will take time and high expertise to draw. It calls for patience from both you and the tattoo artist. A complete portrait design is best drawn on the back, chest, or arm as a full sleeve.

Simpler designs of this tattoo, which feature only the hands, are best when drawn on the arm. The middle of the arm is a unique place to get this ink. It also looks impressive at the biceps, where some individuals believe it depicts strength.

Some tattoo artists have tried making it unique by drawing two hands on two different arms. Bringing the arms together makes it look unique and illustrate its meaning. This design is typically simple, with very few details added to it. Couples, sisters, friends, or mother and daughter can have each hand separately drawn on their arms as long as they have similar passions.

If you don’t want to show it off or want something very subtle, you can draw it on your finger or at the back of the ear. A slightly larger design inked on the rib will also go unnoticed.


The creation of Adam tattoo is an interesting and inspiring piece of art that can mean different things. Whether drawn as the whole portrait or just the hands, it is a classical representation of religious belief or art enthusiasm.

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