Hexagon Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

Hexagon tattoos are fast becoming a common body art for tattoo lovers.

The hexagon is a simple shape that can be designed to create different concepts. Some artists combine several pieces of the hexagon to give a honeycomb effect.

But this is not just an art; there’s a whole load of meaning and significance behind this shape. Let’s look at the hexagon tattoo meaning and what makes it popular today.

Hexagon Tattoo Meaning

Hexagon Tattoo Meaning

Several sacred geometric shapes form nature’s building blocks. The hexagon symbolizes many things, with the main being the general organization of the universe. It stands for universal balance and energy. The hexagon tattoo, therefore, draws some of its meaning from this as follows:


Sacred tattoos usually feature special shapes found in nature to make designs that could carry religious significance. Some cultures believe that tattoos such as the hexagon can restore health, provide balance and give healing when drawn on certain parts of the body. Since the hexagon can come in many designs and additions, wearers often interpret them as they seem fit.

Hard work

Several hexagons, when combined, form a honeycomb theme, something made through the hard work and consistency of bees. This tattoo, therefore, carries a special meaning to the person wearing it. It signifies their strict work ethics and the efforts they have put in to achieve what they have. The person may have encountered numerous challenges to get to where they are, which is what the tattoo symbolizes. Sometimes the worker bee may be incorporated into the hexagon to show this hard work.

Creativity and Collaboration

Collaboration brings about positive results in any work. Inking the shape of a hexagon could show the creative process you used to build something great. If working with someone, you can both get matching hexagons to represent collaboration.

Why Hexagon Tattoos Are Popular

Some people deeply hold onto the fact that nature influences our way of life. A hexagon tattoo, for instance, reminds the wearer of how they are connected to nature.

Hexagon tattoos are also versatile, and you can customize them however you want. You can use just one hexagon or have several arranged in different ways to form unique patterns. Better still, you can ink tens or hundreds of them to form a complex honeycomb pattern. You can even fill them with images the way you like.

Its simplicity makes it a favorite for minimalists. Such people would prefer tattooing this shape without additional details to it. Whether plain or with additions to it, the hexagon tattoo is an appealing design choice that depends on the individual’s taste and preference. You can have it plain or colored.

Who is Hexagon Tattoo for?

Hexagon is a perfect tattoo choice if you’re looking for a sacred geometric shape and believe in the wholeness of the universe. It is best if you want something simple and subtle but with heavy meaning.

The design is suitable for individuals with strong spiritual and personal connections to art. This means you believe in the hard work and creativity it takes to create different concepts and designs out of nothing.

It is also a fantastic art for tattoo lovers who just want to have something beautiful on their skin. It will not be linked to a belief system if you don’t want it to be. 

Best Placement for Hexagon Tattoo

Before drawing a tattoo, you must decide what part of your body it will appear and why. Common placements for hexagons include;

Arm: The arm is the preferable part of the body where the hexagon can be tattooed. Minimalists prefer drawing a simple, appealing hexagon or a few shapes on the upper arm. That simplicity that comes with it is what they find appealing, and you might also want to try it.

If simplicity is not your thing, you can go for a more significant and dramatic hexagon design by inking a full sleeve. A professional tattoo artist will artistically combine the hexagons to form an intricate design that will cover as much skin as you like. It will always stand out in masses.

Back, shoulder and stomach: If you’re a professional and unsure whether your tattoo will be accepted at your place of work, you can have it inked on areas covered by clothing. That includes the shoulder, back, thighs, and stomach. You can even have it in a 3D design to give it more life.


Some of the best tattoo designs have been inspired by geometric shapes. Basic shapes can be combined to form unique designs that you could never imagine. If you like a hexagon and have a reason to tattoo this shape, you can consider speaking to a tattoo artist to actualize your idea. Whether it connects you to nature or you love its elegance, there’s no better way to embrace it than to turn it into reality.

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