What Is Tattoo Blowout – How to Fix & Prevent

What is the worst nightmare of anyone who got a tattoo? It is a tattoo blowing.

A tattoo with blurry lines, mixed ink is terrible. The original design is outdated and instead. There is a colorful spot on your skin.

A tattoo blowout spoils not only the look of the drawing but also the look of your skin.

I propose to understand what it is and why this is happening.

Tattoo Blowout


What Is Tattoo Blowout?

Tattoo blowout ıs the result of inefficient work of tattoo artist.

The tattoo artist does not use the needle correctly. It is why ink penetrates deeper into the skin than necessary.

It seems that the depth does not matter at first glance. The deeper the lower the pressure. Therefore, the ink will disperse in an unpredictable scenario, if the tattoo artist spreads the ink too deeply. As a result, your skin got a stain.

Such a malfunctioning tattoo artist becomes immediately noticeable. You need some time for the ink to dissipate and be visible already on the surface.

However, we cannot blame the tattoo artist for all sins. There are other reasons why this happens.

Why Does Tattoo Blowout Occur?

Tattoo blowout occurs for various reasons. It is not necessarily the fault of the tattoo artist. I will tell you a few basic reasons. I will start with the main one!

Wrong Actions Of The Tattoo Artist

The tattoo artist placed the needle too deeply or at the wrong angle. And you get a tattoo blowout as a result.

Most often, a tattoo blowout occurs precisely for this reason. The tattoo artist works too rough and pushes the needle too hard. Therefore, the ink is too deep. Besides blowout, it hurts.

Some tattoo artists may correct the error before the blowout is noticeable. It may indicate not only the inexperience of the tattoo artist. It often happens even with experienced artists.

Too Thin Skin

Tattoo blowout depends on where you got the tattoo. The area where the tattoo artist makes the tattoo may have thin skin.

Some areas of human skin are very delicate. A blowout is very likely if you got a tattoo in this area.

So, the needle comes deeply due to too thin skin. You have a tattoo blowout in the end.

Therefore, it is better to choose an area with thick skin for a tattoo. Then you will get the desired result.

What areas of the body have thin skin? Be careful with your wrist, boat, fingers and toes, upper arms and legs.

Joints are another delicate area of our body. Therefore, you also need to be careful with the back of the knee and the inside of the elbow.

However, joints are not such a common cause of tattoo blowout as thin skin. Contact an experienced professional artist if you want to get a tattoo in a sensitive area.

The Artist Stretched The Skin Too Much

They say, “Everyone can offend the artist”, but this is another reason for the tattoo blowout that occurs due to the fault of the tattoo artist.

How does this usually happen? The tattoo artist stretches the skin slightly, making it equal. This method helps the tattoo artist insert the ink in the right place.

How is this not supposed to happen? The tattoo artist pulls the skin too much. It makes the skin extremely delicate and thin.

What happens to thin skin? The needle protrudes at the wrong angle. You get a tattoo blowout.

How To Understand If I Have A Tattoo Or Not?

You need to know what a tattoo blowout looks like to be sure whether you have it or not.

It is a little difficult, because a tattoo blowout come in many forms. Some blowout are weak and some are strong visible.

The main thing you need to know:

  • Blurred lines of tattoos;
  • Ink leaves the desired area.

The second item is a consequence of the outline stroke. Remember how in childhood you painted over the lines inside the picture. The same principle works with a tattoo.

How To Fix Tattoo Blowout?

Spoiler: no way.

You cannot do anything with a tattoo blowout if that happens. An exception to the rule is a small amount of ink comes out.  This small amount of ink may be dispersed in this case.

It is impossible to fix a tattoo blowout if a large amount of ink is out of bounds. No creams or lotions will help you.

You can ask a tattoo artist for help. The artist will cover an area out of control with a new amount of ink. It can improve the appearance of the tattoo.

Besides, you can try laser tattoo removal. Depending on the type of tattoo, complete removal may take 5 to 20 sessions.

Dermabrasion can help remove a tattoo cheaper, but not as efficiently. You can also remove tattoos using dermaplaning and surgical removal.

How To Prevent Tattoo Blowout?

I hope you read this before you get a tattoo blowout, and the following information will help you avoid trouble.

Tattoo blowout can be avoided if you:

  • Turn to an experienced tattoo artist who knows how to handle the needle correctly, even with his/her eyes closed.
  • Refuse tattooing on thin areas of the skin (I talked about them above).
  • Avoid stretching and curling your skin after you get a tattoo (so the ink will not disperse into the wrong layers).


Before you sound the alarm, wait for the tattoo blowout to disappear. It should take a week. Maybe you have a bruise or redness of the tattoo and not a tattoo blowout.

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