Triangle Tattoo Meaning – The Many Sides of the Triangle

Even as a kid, I have always loved the triangle shape.

But do you know what I love most about triangle tattoos? It’s the fact that anyone and I mean anyone can tattoo this shape without feeling guilty.

That’s why they are called baby tattoos.

However, they can have serious meanings too.

Like the arrow tattoo, triangle tattoos are among the oldest symbols that exist.

Do not be carried away by how simple the triangle tattoo looks. You will be surprised to learn all the connotations that are attached to this simple-looking tattoo.

Also, triangle tattoos can be paired with many other images to give it a unique symbol.

Without wasting any more time, let’s find out what exactly this tattoo entails.

What Does The Triangle Tattoo Mean?

Triangle Tattoo Mean

The triangle, which is another way to say 3 symbolizes true wisdom. To better understand the different meanings of the triangle tattoo, let’s take them one after the other.

Eye of Providence

You may have heard of the Eye of Providence which is a Christian symbol that shows God as the all-seeing eye. The eye is depicted inside a triangle surrounded by rays of light. Therefore, this triangle tattoo can serve as a reminder that God sees everything we do and go through. It’s a great way to know that God is in charge no matter how bad the situation may be. Some other fraternities make use of this particular tattoo. A good reference in point is the illuminati.

European Culture

It’s very popular to see the triangle symbol in the European culture. Some of these triangles include the triskelion and the triquetra. The triquetra, which is also referred to as the trinity knot or trinity ring is made up of 3 interlaced arcs with shapes that form a triangle. You will see this design in art, medieval architecture, at Celtic weddings and other celebrations. These interlocking rings symbolize the earth, sky and sea.

Jewish Tradition

For the Jewish people, the triangle, which is often seen in the Star of David, is the symbol of Judaism. The star has 2 interlocking triangles that are symmetrical which then forms a hexagram. The 6 sides of the triangle symbolize God’s rulership over the universe. It also means that God protects us from all 6 directions: east, west, south, north, middle, and down.

Double Triangle Tattoo

You also have the double triangle tattoo which when pointing upwards means the element of air. When it’s pointing downward, it means the element of earth. But the meaning keeps changing. For instance, when the triangles are overlapping each other and facing upward, it means fire. When it’s downward, it means water.

Triple Triangle Tattoo

The triple triangle tattoo is also known as the valknut tattoo. The triangles are interconnected and are often referred to as life everlasting or reincarnation.

Greek Triangle or Delta Symbol

The triangle or Delta symbol is very much revered in the Greek culture. To them, the triangle tattoo symbolizes a pathway to higher wisdom through thoughts and emotions. Also, the Greek fourth letter and the delta uppercase symbol is a triangle. In recent times, you will see this type of triangle in fraternities, music, mathematics, finance, science etc. This particular triangle tattoo is so powerful that it often connotes defense. 

Male and Female Triangle Tattoos

Also known as matching tattoos, the male and female triangle tattoos are often used to represent love and unity. It is very common among family members and those with love interest.

If the matching triangle is between two lovers, the male tattoo will have the triangle facing upward. It represents masculinity and the power and assertiveness present in a man. Then for the female, the triangle will be facing downward representing femininity, shelter, passivity, and of course, motherhood.

Celtic Triangle Tattoos

To the ancient Irish, the Celtic triangle is a spiritual totem that protects those who bear the mark, or in this case, tattoo. The Celtic triangle tattoo can mean earth, water, and air.

Dragon’s Eye

When you see a downward-facing isosceles triangle with a “Y” inside it, know that it’s the dragon eye symbol. It’s an ancient Germanic symbol that stands for good and evil and gives you the freedom to choose the one you prefer. This symbol was at a time a representation of love. It is also believed to give wisdom, power, and balance, especially to those that recites the dragon’s eye incantation.

Christian Faith

In the Christian faith, triangle is a symbol of faith that represents the Holy Trinity. That is, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, this is one tattoo Christians who would have otherwise objected to getting a tattoo can actually relates with. As long as it has something to do with the trinity, then the triangle tattoo might just be one of the best tattoos for Christians.

Don’t conclude that this tattoo is only for the Christian faith, because it’s not.

Actually, this extends beyond the Christian faith. In fact, other religions that have their own trinities can also relate to the triangle tattoo.

And when you look at it, you will see that the 3 sides of the triangle can mean different things for different people.

Here are some of the things that the 3 sides of the triangle tattoo can represent:

Mind, Body and Soul

These three parts are what makes us human and unique beings. These are the part that we, as humans, must take care of no matter what. For people that love having a deeper understanding of who theytruly are, the triangle can be a great tattoo to help them reflect on these things.

Past, Present and Future

In order to move ahead in life, you need to take care of the past and the present. We all will agree that you pretty much can’t do anything about the future until you learn the lessons from the past, do your best in the present to pave way for a better future. In that case, the triangle tattoo can serve as a reminder to always keep things in balance so that your future has a greater chance of being awesome.

Creation, Preservation and Destruction

Creating something is one thing, preserving it is another. And then destroying it is another whole ball game. The symbolism of the triangle tattoo as regards to creation, preservation and destruction means that they are all intertwined. You first start off with creating something, and then you do your best to preserve it. But if you fail to take care of it, it will go bad, or in this case, be destroyed. So, you see how the three are all important to one another?

Thought, Feeling and Emotion

These three might sound the same, but they are definitely not the same. Your thoughts have a way of playing out on how you feel. Your emotions, on the other hand, stems from the way you feel. Do you get it? So, yes, these three all affect the other. The triangle tattoo can actually help you keep all these three in check and make sure they are in proper balance.

Father, Mother, and Child

Yes, this is another trinity that the triangle tattoo can symbolize. Just that in this case, the father, mother and child are represented. Here, the triangle tattoo is used to represent the important people in our lives. The tattoo helps to remind us of the unbreakable bond we have with our family.

Why Are Triangle Tattoos Popular?

Because of the many meanings and symbolisms of the triangle tattoo, a lot of people can relate to it. So, you find that it is a popular tattoo among young people. 

Another reason this tattoo is popular is that it goes very well with different images. For instance, you can fill the space inside the triangle with water, fire, tree, ball or any other image you prefer. And it will still look amazing.

Also, the triangle tattoo is among the oldest and simple symbol. Getting such tattoo will be cheaper than getting a well-detailed wolf tattoo.

Best Placement For Triangle Tattoo

There is absolutely no limitation to where you can have the triangle tattoo tattooed on your body.

Regardless, the best place to have this tattoo would be places that are visible enough. Talk about the forearm, the wrist, and the leg.

Nevertheless, you can have a minimalistic triangle tattoo on the back of your ear, in between your fingers, or anywhere you deem fit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Triangle Tattoo

What does a triangle tattoo with a line through it signify?

Triangle tattoos with a line running through them signify the earth. These are usually upside down. The earth, in this term, relates to creativity, fertility, nurturing attitudes and feminine energy.

What do 3 dots in an upside down triangle stand for?

This type of triangle is used in mathematics. It stands for the “therefore sign,” which you find before a logical consequence like syllogism. But it can also be used as a triangle tattoo.

What do 3 dots in a triangle tattoo mean on the face?

It is associated with the gangster lifestyle. It means “mi vidaloca” or “my crazy life.” This tattoo is popular among prison inmates. However, it is not limited to them. Some use the tattoo to scare people off from them.


The triangle tattoo has a lot of meanings. There are other symbolisms of the triangle tattoo that we did not include in this article.

Notions like manifestation, change, ascension, integration, harmony, proportion, and creativity are also represented by this tattoo. Bear in mind that the triangle tattoo is very versatile. This means that you can interpret it to mean whatever you like.

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