Rose Tattoo Meaning – Everything You Need To Know About It

There is just something about roses that make them so alluring and intriguing.

Maybe it’s how captivating they appear when they open up.

Or perhaps the way the petals cuddle one another.

I can’t really place my hand on it. But one thing I know is that roses are so powerful and engulfing that you can’t help but get webbed in its power.

No wonder rose tattoos are one of the popular tattoos out there.

Coming in different shapes, colors and sizes, there is no way you won’t fall in love with rose tattoos.

The thing about roses is that they are not only beautiful, they hold deep meanings as well.

When it comes to Rose tattoo meaning, I found that many people are interested in knowing what these tattoos really mean.

In this article, I’ll give you a sneak peek into all the basics you need to know about rose tattoos.

Let’s get right into it.

Rose Tattoo Meaning

You may be surprised to know that the recognition of roses as a unique flower goes back to Iraq in 3000BC.

Historically, roses hold a lot of meaning for many people across different continents.

In fact, in 1986, the then President of America, Ronald Raegan, named rose as the country’s National Flower.

In North America, rose is the longest and most cultivated plant after the colonists introduced it to them in the 16th century.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The famous Greek poetess, Sappho, in 600BC referred to the rose as the “queen of the flowers” when noting how beautiful the rose is.

Anywhere you see a rose; the first thought that comes to mind is love and affection.

Check out European arts that dates back to the 15th and 17th centuries and you will see how roses were lavishly used in most of their paintings.

Roses are used to symbolize beauty and romance. On Valentine’s Day, they play a vital role as a special gift item.

Even at great feasts, weddings and occasions, roses are used to adorn and beautify such events. It just brings everything to life with its vibrancy.

Roses are not just used for depicting emotions but also for expression of creativity.

Because roses come in different colors, they also mean different things. This also comes into play when you use them in your tattoo.

To better understand the meaning of rose tattoos, we shall be looking at what each rose color tattoo means.

Red Rose Tattoo

They are the most common color of roses used to show love and affection. Their bright red colors depict strong love emotions and passion. In the real sense, red rose tattoos are traditionally used to show love. It’s also another way to show the connection between two people.

White Rose Tattoo

Closely following the red rose in popularity is the white rose. Their white color depicts purity, intrigue and for some, magic. There is also a tint of innocence and chastity associated with this type of tattoo. While white rose tattoos may not be as popular as white roses themselves because of how white ink can be too bright, people still go out of their way to use white ink.

If you are scared of using such bright color to tattoo your white rose, you can always ask your tattoo specialist to tone down the color.

Pink Rose Tattoo

Pink rose tattoo symbolizes royalty, sweetness, grace, happiness, comfort, refinement, softness, admiration and sympathy. Some people also believe that they also symbolize enchantments. Just know that these meanings differ according to the shade of the pink rose.

Yellow Rose Tattoo

Not a very popular color of rose but people still tattoo yellow roses. What I loveabout yellow rose tattoos is what they mean which is luck, friendship, celebration, positivity, sunshine and joy. They also stand for happiness, warmth and luck. While you may love the yellow rose, it’s important to know that they signify death in Spain and Mexico.

Blue Rose Tattoo

Very rare to find and not so commonly used, however, blue rose tattoos are for those who dare to achieve what others are scared of. It is a simple representation of impossibility, sensitivity, hunger for love, and even defiance. Roses are not naturally blue. To have a blue rose, the rose has to artificially absorb water mixed with blue dye. Nevertheless, blue rose tattoos are also common and always stand out.

Black Rose Tattoo

Black roses in real life are used for mourning or grief. Nevertheless, many people love having their tattoos in black colors regardless of what the original color of the tattoo is. So, a black color rose tattoo may not necessarily mean any of these things but could just be the color the wearer chose.

White and Black Rose Tattoo

This color combination is mostly used for aesthetic purpose. They don’t have any particular meaning or symbol. But it’s still a great color combination because of the contrasting and classic nature of black and white.

When it comes to the meaning of rose, just know that you are the one to determine what the rose means to you regardless of the color.

You can bring your rose tattoo to life with different colors.

Adding some details to your rose tattoo will even further personalize what it means to you.

Why Rose Tattoos are Popular

Rose flowers are unique. No other flower holds such varied meanings and significance like rose flowers.

Just like in real life, rose tattoos are so beautiful and alluring.

Their uniqueness also plays out in their various colors.

It’s hard to see popular female artistes and celebrities who love tattoosand not have a rose tattoo. It doesn’t matter whether the tattoo is big or small.

Universally, roses symbolize love even though it may have other connotative meanings in different cultures.

Still, people from different spheres of life love rose tattoos and can identify with them.

Also, roses can be paired with other images to enhance the whole picture.

Their delicate appearance makes it easy to manipulate the shape, pattern and size of the rose.

Besides, they can be as tiny or as elaborate as you wish.

Best Placement for Rose Tattoo

When it comes to rose tattoos, you can place them anywhere. Some people have them boldly tattooed on their hands and backs. Others have them in a tiny form in between their fingers.

The most common place you will see a rose tattoo is on the arm or hand. It speaks of boldness and love for the art.

Then we have the forearm, which is perfect if you want to tattoo the rose with its stem. It can run from the top all the way to your hand.

More recently, female celebrities take theirs to the side of their thigh and bum. Check out famous American rapper’s rose tattoo, Cardi B, and see how hers is boldly tattooed on her thighs.

It’s also very common to see beautiful roses tattooed on one part of the shoulder.

Feeling a little adventurous? You can have yours done under your chest or bust.

Anywhere you choose to tattoo your rose tattoo will work as long as you are happy with it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rose Tattoo

Does rose tattoo fade?

Some colors of rose tattoo like red rose can fade after some years. It doesn’t mean that the color will wash off completely, no. it’s just that it may become dull. So, to keep your bright color tattoo fresh, you should endeavor to refresh it once you notice such.

When is the best time to have a rose tattoo?

Timing is very important when getting a tattoo. It is advised that you do not expose a fresh tattoo to the sun. That means that you should book your appointment early in the morning and be done before the sun comes out. You can also go in the evenings.

What should I do to protect my fresh rose tattoo from being infected?

You should follow your tattoo artist’s advice on how to care for your new tattoo. But a rule of thumb is that you should clean your tattoo using warm water and also an antibacterial soap. Then you apply an unscented lotion on it. This is to be continued until five days to one week or until your tattoo heals.

What does a 3-rose tattoo symbolize?

A 3-rose tattoo signifies affection and mutual love. It could also mean a different thing for the wearer.

How long does it take to get a rose hand tattoo?

Typically, a hand rose tattoo takes an hour to finish. If the rose will cover the whole palm, then it could take two to three hours. For a full sleeve rose tattoo, it should take between six to ten hours.


The guide contained in this article will help you make an informed decision about the type of rose tattoo to go for.

Even with all these information, you should still consult your tattoo artist. He or she will inform you of the latest designs and what they mean.

The bottom line is that your rose tattoo should represent what you have in mind. So, no matter the advice you get, make sure it’s something that sits well with you.

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