Purple Heart Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

The purple heart tattoo is one of the few tattoos whose interpretation varies with the wearer.

The purple heart is a chaotic symbol that means different things, leaving you embarrassed or looked at with admiration.

So what is the purple heart tattoo meaning?

Symbolism Meaning Behind the Tattoo
Bravery & Valor Often represents those who have been injured or killed in combat, signifying bravery and sacrifice. The U.S. military awards the Purple Heart medal to soldiers who have been wounded or killed in action.
Healing & Recovery Purple is often associated with healing powers and can represent someone’s journey of recovery from physical or emotional injuries.
Royalty & Dignity The color purple has historically been associated with royalty and nobility, indicating a sense of dignity, importance, and high rank.

Purple Heart Tattoo Meaning

The purple heart tattoo is derived from the state’s purple heart. In the United States, it is used as a military decoration for anyone injured or killed while on military service. The meaning is mainly taken to heart by people who lost somebody dear to them during military service.

Heart tattoos usually mean love of some kind. The purple heart is no different. It means compassion, understanding, and family love.

The purple heart can also mean a sexual or romantic attraction. Emoji enthusiasts mostly use this to express their feelings. If you tattoo the purple heart in honor of somebody you are sexually attracted to, it could mean you want a sexual relationship with them.

The purple heart also represents people living with brain damage. It is a celebration of someone dear to you living with a brain damage condition. It might be Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or even epilepsy. It is a symbol used on special days to celebrate people living with epilepsy.

Why is the Purple Heart Tattoo Popular?

Purple Heart Tattoo Meaning

The purple heart tattoo is popular in the United States to represent the military purple heart. It is popular with people or relatives who have received the state’s purple heart decoration. Those who usually tattoo it are related to military men. The tattoo is predominantly used to celebrate military men who have been wounded or killed in a war.

It is also highly appreciated by people who have caring and understanding love. It can be between friends, family or even with your parents. It is a show of compassionate love.

The purple heart tattoo is popular with people who support brain damage initiatives. If you have friends or relatives with brain damage, you may want to get this tattooto show solidarity with them.

In this young, tech-savvy social media generation, emojis are the most popular form of emotional communication. There are over 20 heart emojis on the standard keyboard. The purple heart is one of them, and it sometimes means wanting a romantic or sexual relationship with someone. It is a favorite for emoji enthusiasts who wish to reveal their attraction to someone.

Who is the Purple Heart Tattoo for?

The purple heart tattoo can be inked by many people depending on their interpretation of its meaning.

The US government usually awards service members who served and qualify the purple heart state commendation.If you lost a loved oneserving in the military or got wounded in battle, you can ink this tattoo in their remembrance.

Are you a lover or supporter of brain damage condition initiatives? If you are, you can get yourself the purple heart tattoo to celebrate people living with these conditions. The purple heart tattoo is also for those with loved ones living with epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or other brain damage conditions. You can get one to celebrate them.

The purple heart tattoo is also for those who want to show caring understanding love. It could be towards your grandparents, parents, or siblings. You can get it with their name to show how much you care for them.

The purple heart emoji represents horniness or sexual attraction for the younger generation. For the emoji enthusiast, you can get yourself this tat to show your sexual interest to someone.

Best Placement for the Purple Heart Tattoo

Any military man in the US who qualifies to be awarded the purple heart can wear it on the left breast. If you want to get the purple heart tattoo to remember a loved one who received this commendation, you can ink it on your left breast area. You will mirror the tattoo to where your loved one wears their purple heart.

Like any other heart tattoo, the purple heart looks at home on the chest. If you are getting the tattoo to show your love and support to a loved one, you can best place it on the chest.

If you want to get the tattoo in a small design, you can ink it on your wrist, fingers, or shoulder blade. For larger designs, you can get them on your upper arm, back, or thighs.


The purple heart tattoo is a tattoo with varying meaning extremes. Tattoo it on yourself with a meaning in mind. Some people will view it as representing the military purple heart, while others will see it as a show of family love. The younger generation also interprets it as a show of sexual attraction. You should be very careful when getting this tattoo.

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