Purple Butterfly Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

Everyone wants to be associated with beauty, and few can argue that the butterfly isn’t a magnificent creature. Its vibrant colors make it one of the most pleasing creatures to see. It is no wonder most people want to get a purple butterfly tattoo.

What make the purple butterfly even more fascinating is its different colors and designs. These colors are symbols for various things and have different meanings.

This article looks at what makes it so fascinating to tattoo enthusiasts and what is the purple butterfly tattoo meaning

Purple Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Purple Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

It is essential to know the butterflies’ importance and meaning to society, to understand the purple butterfly tattoo. Apart from its looks, different communities have accepted the butterfly because of its representation. In the Eastern culture, it means joy and happiness, based on its rarity and beauty.

In other cultures, the insect represents mutation and rebirth. The butterfly takes on two forms in its life cycle; the insect and caterpillar. The caterpillar enters a dormant larva form and re-emerges as a beautiful butterfly.

The butterfly is beautiful and unique. As such, some societies associate it with feminity. This insect has many looks, the most popularbeing the purple butterfly.

The purple butterfly tattoo has been used to mark and represent what the insect means to society. The purple colour symbolizes royalty. Getting this tattoo represents beauty and royalty. In the community, royalty is associated with importance and nobility. When it translates to this tattoo, it means you will most likely meet someone important.

The purple butterfly usually avoids flowers and prefers hanging around secluded places. As such, seeing one is considered a stroke of luck. You’re about to experience magical things you didn’t expect.

Purple is seen as a representation of the spiritual world. This led to the purple butterfly being considered divine and providing a spiritual connection.

Why is the Purple Butterfly Tattoo Popular?

As human beings, we are drawn to unique things and beings. This is why endangered, rare or magnificent species fascinate us. The purple butterfly is one such creature. It is as beautiful as it is rare. It gives us that sense of awe when in its presence.

Those who seek spiritual connection are drawn to things that represent or provide this connection, for instance, the purple butterfly. It is elite and gracious and thus believed in giving a divine connection.

Ladies are constantly seeking the finer things in life. Well, is there anything as refined as the purple butterfly tattoo? Its colour is a stroke of genius, and its design is a work of art. Butterflies are also viewed as feminine. The best of the butterflies is the purple butterfly; thus, many people would love to be associated with it.

Who wouldn’t want to meet their favourite celebrity if given an opportunity? Think of your celebrity crush. Wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to meet them? Some people believe that getting the purple butterfly tattoo allows them to meet that important person they always wanted.

The world is filled with troubles, depression and a whole lot of bad luck. Striking your chance nowadays is ararity. So many people are looking for emblems and diadems to improve their luck. Others will look towards the symbolism world. The purple butterfly tattoo is symbolic and believed to offer you good luck.

Who is the Purple Butterfly Tattoo for?

The purple butterfly tattoo meaning touches many groups of people. This tattoo represents rarity and beauty, something that resonates with most women. If you are a lady looking for a feminine tattoo, you should get the purple butterfly tattoo. It is feminine yet bold, unique and beautiful.

Are you a tattoo enthusiast and looking for a spiritual connection-themed tat? There is plenty to choose fromas several tattoos represent the spiritual world. However, none are as beautiful as the purple butterfly tattoo. It provides you with the divine connection while still turning heads.

If you have just picked up a lottery ticket and are desperate to be the lucky winner, any stroke of luck will be welcome. Get yourself this tattoo to hopefully improve your chances of winning. What’s the worst that can happen anyway? If you don’t win the lottery, you will win by having one stunning tat design.

If you have a celebrity crush you are dying to meet, then this is the tat for you. The purple butterfly tattoo improves your chances of meeting someone influential. It could very well be a famous person.

Best Placement for the Purple Butterfly Tattoo

One of the most inked tattoos by first-time tattoo wearers is a butterfly tattoo. One of the best places you can ink this tatis on the wrist. It is not as painful to ink as in other places. It is also discreet, intimate easily customizable.

The wings of the butterfly make it almost impossible for it to look out of place anywhere you ink it on your body. The location to place the tat is your choice.You should pick a place that feels natural and personal to you.

However, there are a few places where the purple butterfly tattoo looks breathtaking. You can wear it on your chest or arm. The front of the forearm or the back of the upper arm is especially ideal.

You can have it on your lower back if you want a larger design.


There is no denying that this is one of the most stunning tattoo designs you can get. It is also not gender-biased, and anyone can get it. As with other tattoos, the purple butterfly tattoo’s meaning depends on one’s interpretation. You can still get this tattoo,with its meaning not listed above, and it is personal to you. A tattoo is subjective, so if your reason of getting one is not listed here, let it not hinder you from inkling this design on yourself.

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