Misunderstood Tattoo Meaning

While tattoos are skin deep, more often than not, their meaning and significance go even deeper. Many designs show the wearer’s self-expression, character, and personality.

The misunderstood tattoo meaning is often controversial. People choose this ink to mean different things and expressions.

This article looks at what the misunderstood tattoo means.

Misunderstood Tattoo Meaning

“Misunderstood” is the past tense of the English word “misunderstand.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines misunderstand as a failure to understand someone or something correctly. You may think you have understood the person or something when in a real sense, you haven’t. When you’re misunderstood, people don’t realize your good qualities, and in most cases, they are after condemning you.

The “misunderstood” tattoo design has emerged as a popular trend in the tattoo world, which has seen celebrities ink this symbol to represent several things. This minimalist design is often ignored but carries deep significance. You may not be able to understand what it means unless you’re in the shoe of the wearer.

The misunderstood tattoo is mainly used to show a feeling of being wrongly understood. It could be in terms of intentions, actions, and character. As human beings, we may not be able to understand what others feel or are going through. As much as we may tell them we know how it feels, we really don’t.

Different people value various things, making it rare to come across humans with the same feelings. Since nobody understands a fellow human, we’re all misunderstood. Which would make it great for all tattoo enthusiasts to have the ‘misunderstood’ tattoo on their bodies, kidding.. right?

Why Misunderstood Tattoos Are Popular

The term “misunderstood” is an old symbol used to express a feeling or idea for many decades. This word carries a powerful message behind it that is most often critiqued. The tattoo design itself is controversial since every human in this world is seemingly misunderstood but just can’t ink this permanent symbol on their bodies. Nobody can understand how another person feels or thinks.

This tattoo’s simplicity and small design make it many people’s favorite as it often goes unnoticed. You can use it to show your feelings if you often imagine that people don’t understand your feelings.

The misunderstood tattoo has been done by many people who support Lil Wayne’s music. This comes after he inked the word “MISUNDERSTOOD” on his face, between his left eye and ear. Misunderstood is a song from his famous album ‘The CARTER III.’ From this song and this tattoo image, sources claim Lil Wayne was often misjudged based on his music and behavior.

This tattoo also caught the public eye, bringing so much attention when Presley Gerber, supermodel Cindy Crawford’s son, inked it below his right eye. This tattoo received mixed reactions, with some praising it and others condemning it. “You don’t know how I feel; you’re not in my head. The meaning of the misunderstood tattoo is I don’t feel very understood, I guess”, said Presley Gerber, defending his new tattoo addition on an Instagram live video. 

Since then, many people have taken up this chance to express their feeling of being misjudged, misinterpreted, or misunderstood in different ways. There’s no better way to express your disappointment in people than having this symbol on your body.

Who is the Misunderstood Tattoo For?

If you’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo but want your feelings to remain unknown, you may consider this minimalist design. You will communicate a great message, but not everyone will understand it. The few who do will get to respect your choices, opinions, and decisions.

Do you often feel misunderstood in many situations? Perhaps people don’t take you for who you are or often judge you harshly? You can ink this body art to represent this. Tattoos are the best way to express something that could be hard to say by mouth. Only the wearer can relate to its meaning and significance.

It is also the perfect piece for Lil Wayne’s fans supporting the “The CARTER III’ music album. If you love the Misunderstood song, then what are you waiting for? You should get this tat as soon as yesterday. Be sure to discuss with your tattoo artist its placement and how to care for it until it heals if it is your first time having a tattoo. It will still make a good addition if you have different tattoos on your body.

Best Placement for Misunderstood Tattoo

This misunderstood tattoo is a small tat design that can perfectly fit in any location. While Presley and Lil Wayne had theirs tattooed on the face, you can have yours on the neck, arm, leg, back, chest, hand, wrist, fingers, and thighs.

The position will depend on whether you want it in plain (just the letters) or as part of another tattoo design. The letter styles could also determine the amount of space needed for this tattoo design. What’s good is that you can combine it with other simple designs to enrich its significance. Do you research beforehand to identify what works well with this symbol.

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Tattoos represent a variety of things for different wearers and their personalities. The Misunderstood tattoo has been used for years to express the state of being understood wrongly. If you feel this way, you can ink this tat to express your feeling. However, you should know that the tattoo is controversial and could also be misunderstood.

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