The Flying Eyeball Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

The flying eyeball tattoo is one of the most iconic and unique tattoo designs. Although it is not everyone’s favorite, no one can fail to identify it.

It is sure to catch everyone’s eyes if you are wearing it. However, most people don’t know the flying eyeball tattoo meaning and its origin.

If you didn’t know, don’t worry as this article covers that.

The Flying Eyeball Tattoo Meaning

Flying Eyeball Tattoo Meaning

If you look for bold and rare tattoo designs to ink, you might come across the flying eyeball tattoo. The design is also the logo of the Von Dutch clothing line. Seeing this design for the first time will leave you in awe.

The Flying Eyeball was designed by an American motorcycle mechanic, knifemaker, gunsmith, metal fabricator, pin striper, and artist Kenny Robert Howard. He nicknamed himself Von Dutch German,which roughly translates to (Von Deutsch) in German. During the 1950s, Kenny, like most mechanics at the time, was fascinated by German aesthetics hence why he adopted the name Von Dutch.

The flying eyeball originated from the Egyptian and Macedonia cultures. According to the 5000-year-old culture, the symbol means “the eye in the sky knows all and sees all.” Von Dutch took the mark and remodeled it to what we now identify as the flying eyeball.

Why is the Flying Eyeball Tattoo Popular?

Why is the Flying Eyeball Tattoo Popular

Von Dutch was a surf clothing manufacturer at his death in 1992. In 1999, his daughter sold the name rights, and the Von Dutch clothing line was founded in his name, with its logo being the flying eyeball. Von Dutch was not a fan of copywriting names and tha’s why it took that long to sell the rights.

His clothing line was also not as famous during his death.This clothing line is now worth $11 million. Fans of the clothing line are always eager to show their support by getting the flying eyeball tattoo.

In the early 2000s, Von Dutch clothing was a celebrity brand. Made popular by Christian Audigier, a French Designer. Iconic celebrities rocked Von Dutch merchandise since then. This was in line with the rise of pop culture that saw more people buy into the clothing line.

Although the company suffered a decline in the 2010s, people still remember those days by getting the flying eyeball tattoo.

In the 1950s, the pinstripping culture was started. It involved pinstripping vehicles and painting many different motorcycles. This culture grew in popularity, with Kenny Rogers at the forefront of popularizing it.

It became a cultural movement, the ‘Kustom Kulture.’ They replaced the C with K to pay tribute to German aesthetics, something he and many other mechanics were fascinated by. Enthusiasts look to pay homage to the great man who popularized it by getting the flying eyeball tattoo.

The history of the flying eyeball can be traced back to the Egyptian and Mesopotamia civilizations, where it represented an all-seeing and all-knowing being in the sky. Some people who aim to remember such societies or, like Von Dutch, believe in such a being will most likely get this tattoo.

Who is the Flying Eyeball Tattoo for?

Flying Eyeball Tattoo Meaning

The flying eyeball was created by a man who made the Kustom Kulture famous. It was a massive thing in the 1950s and still is up to date. People that are part of this culture can get this tattoo to show appreciation for the man who made it all popular.

This tattoo is unique, bold, and stylish. Anyone looking for an out-of-this-world design should be looking to get the flying eyeball tattoo. If you want to stand out in the crowd, this tat will do just that.

Are you a fan of the Von Dutch clothesline? Popular in the early 2000s, it is still a hit for people who follow pop culture. If you are an enthusiast and have all of their clothing sets, you can add the flying eyeball tattoo to complete the collection.

The inspiration to create this design came from early Egyptian and Mesopotamia civilizations. The design meant a being in the sky who sees all and knows all. If you are spiritual and believe in such, this tat design is for you.

Best Placement for the Flying Eyeball Tattoo

The Flying Eyeball Tattoo is best placed on the upper part of the forearm. It is too unique, stylish, and bold to be discreetly hidden. This tattoo is inked to be exposed.

If you are interested in getting a larger design, you can ink it on your back or chest. It can cover up your entire lower back. This design also makes a great sleeve tattoo.

FAQs on Flying Eye Tattoo

What does the Flying Eyeball represent in pop culture?

In pop culture, the Flying Eyeball was a symbol that represented the avant-garde spirit of the Beat Generation and the free-wheeling ethos of the American car culture of the 1950s.

Is the Flying Eyeball Tattoo appropriate for everyone?

The appropriateness of the Flying Eyeball Tattoo can depend on cultural and personal beliefs. It’s crucial to understand its symbolism and cultural interpretations before making the decision to get one.

Can the Flying Eyeball Tattoo have negative connotations?

In certain cultures, a disembodied eye can be seen as a negative omen or symbolize the ‘evil eye’. It’s essential to bear cultural variations in mind when choosing this iconography.

Can I customize the design of the Flying Eyeball Tattoo?

Yes, you can certainly customize the design of the Flying Eyeball Tattoo. A skilled tattoo artist can add elements or adapt the design to better reflect your personal narrative and symbolism.

What should I consider before getting a Flying Eyeball Tattoo?

Before getting a Flying Eyeball Tattoo, you should understand its symbolism, history, and potential cultural implications. Also, think about where you want to place the tattoo and how its design can be tailored to reflect your individual journey.

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An artist modified the Flying Eyeball Tattoo. It was an inspiration that has gained traction and is now popular with a generation. This tattoo design is so unique and stylish that it is used as a clothing line logo. This design guarantees you will attract attention anywhere you expose it. For most tattoo enthusiasts, this tattoo is a must-have in their collection.

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