Eye Tattoo Meaning: All You Need To Know

The eye is considered to be the window to the soul.

There is a belief that if you look deeply into someone’s eyes, you can see directly through the person’s minds and thoughts.

The eye symbol popularly known as the “All-Seeing Eye” is a single eye within a pyramid surrounded by beams of light.

Over the years, people have come up with different meanings and interpretations about the eye.

From the ancient Egyptians to Christians, this symbolic eye has certainly made its name in all cultures of the world.

No wonder it’s regarded as one of the world’s most recognized symbols in modern times.

Without a doubt, this historic symbol has become a favorite tattoo.

If you’re in search of inspiration for your next or first tattoo piece, then keep reading.

In this article, we shall be covering everything from the meaning of eye tattoo, to the best placement and many more.

The Eye Tattoo and Its Meaning

Eye of God (Eye of Providence) Tattoo

The most common meaning to this piece of ancient symbol is that it represents the “EYE OF GOD.”

With that being said, our first interpretation will be based on the Christian beliefs.

The word “Providence” means “Divine Guidance or Care”. This tattoo represents God’s guidance and protection to those who obey his words.

The tattoo is shown by a realistic human eye embedded within a triangle or pyramid and surrounded by rays of light spreading out around the eye.

These light rays signify God’s love that He spreads for His people. It is also believed that those light rays signify the wisdom of God in all his glory.

In the early days, the Christians used to believe that the all seeing-eye symbol represented “The Holy Trinity.” This is on account of the 3 points that form the triangle.

Eye of Horus Tattoo

The Eye of Horus dates back to about 3000 B.C.

Sometimes called the Eyes of Ra, it is a symbol for protection, health, regeneration and life.

The origin goes back to ancient Egyptian times, however, different stories and myths have been spread concerning this symbol.

Nevertheless, it always revolves round Horus, “the sky god,” whose right eye was the sun and left eye the moon.

It was said that Horus got into a huge fight with his brother Seth and in the process of the fight; Horus lost his left eye to his brother. Seth, on the other hand, was ripped apart from his testicles.

Nevertheless, the eye was later magically restored back by Hathor. The Egyptians believe that this restoration is one of the reasons the eye symbolizes healing.

Also, when Horus’ father, Osiris, passed away, the eye was given to him to make him king in the underworld.

Therefore, the eye also symbolizes life after death.

The eye of Horus is symbolized by a stylish human eye with falcon markings. The symbol was used in jewelry made of gold and silver and is believed to ensure the safety and well-being of the person who bears it.

You will also see the eye drawn on the tombs of pharaohs after they have died. This is to guide and direct them into the afterlife hence. So, in this sense, the eye tattoo can symbolize protection.

The Third Eye Tattoo

The eye tattoo is also considered to mean “The Third Eye.”

It symbolizes a spiritual zone or gate which enables an individual to see beyond the physical eyes. It’s more like attaining the state of higher consciousness.

You can call it the sixth sense; the natural ability that enables you to know things that others don’t without using the five senses (eyesight, taste, smell, touch & hearing).

People with the power of prophecy often bear this eye tattoo. They believe that it gives them the ability to foretell or prophesy.

The third eye is based solely on instincts and wisdom.

It is particularly denoted by a red dot at the center of the eyebrows. Consider getting an eye with a concentrated look, I bet it still passes the same point as the dot does.

You can decide to get creative with yours as long as it still passes the message.

A third eye emphasizes your expertise in seeing both the inner and outer worlds.

If you derive joy in having your instincts and predictions come to pass, the eye tattoo is a good way to show it.  

The Illuminati

Here, the eye tattoo has a superstitious meaning to it unlike the spiritual and religious meaning.

The illuminati is a legion of politicians, governors and leaders who are out to control the world’s movement and affairs with their “New World Order”.

The eye is a major image in the illuminati logo. The eye is somewhat like the eye of providence enclosed in a soaring triangle. It is similar to that of the United States dollar bill and great seal.

In this sense, the eye tattoo represents control, power and awareness of the unknown.

Evil Eye Talisman:

The word Hamza is derived from the Hebrew word “Hamesh” meaning five.

The hand consists of five fingers with an eye in the middle of the palm. It is considered in most religions to be a symbol of protection.

People bearing this type of eye tattoo believe that it grants them protection and protects them from harm. Above all, it brings them favor, wealth, good luck, good health, abundance and fruitfulness.

Irrespective of any religion be it Islamic, Jewish or advocates of Christianity, this symbol still serves the same purpose as long as the common faith is maintained.

Interesting side note, the way the hand is positioned is also very important as its uses vary.

When the hand is faced down it is believed to bring good luck into the bearer’s life.

Another belief is that it brings fertility and opens to women who find it difficult to go into labor.

On the other hand, when the hand is faced up, it’s a very powerful sign of protection used to ward off evil spirits.

A lot of jewelries have already been made from this hand figure made of gold and silver usually having a blue or green emerald as the eye itself.

But in the case of the tattoo, you can decide to go different and create something beautiful with yours.

Other meanings of the eye tattoo

A lot of the people in the United States are familiar with this symbol because it appears on the reverse side of the 1-dollar bill.

As a matter of fact, in 1782, the eye was placed at the back of the United States great seal by the nation’s founders.

This motif contains the all-seeing eye inside a triangle surrounded by light rays hovering above a 13-leveled pyramid which originally signified the formal 13 states in the U.S.

The design was later added to the back of the U.S Bill in 1935.

In this sense, you could describe the eye as a symbol of authority, control and dominance.

Other than the Christians, this symbol also appears in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

The Hindu religion believes this symbol to be the” Third Eye of Shiva,” which is one of the most powerful gods of the Hindu pantheon. While the Buddhist view the eye as the “Eye of The World” or “The Wisdom Eye” particularly denoted by a single red dot in the middle of their foreheads.

Why Is The Eye Tattoo Popular?

The eye tattoo is a very complex and fascinating symbol as it connects to a state of higher wisdom, intelligence, spiritual protection from bad forces, perception and good health.

You will also discover that the eye is one of the most researched and popular choices of tattoo out there for understandable reasons.

One is its strange involvement in the unnatural & ancient mysteries, and the other for its various symbolisms.

It’s also a popular choice because it can be drawn in practically any style you desire.

You could decide to go for the normal all-seeing eye which portrays a deeper meaning. Or you can go with a single eye or an eye with teardrops gushing out of it.

Choosing to go traditionally, that is, without colors or with colors is entirely up to you.

Just ensure that it conveys the message you’re trying to portray without totally disregarding its original meaning.

Best Placement for the Eye Tattoo

The eye tattoo can be inked on any part of the body.

If you want to go bold and tattoo the “Third Eye” on your body, the best place would be on the forehead.

Going for the illuminati, Eye of Horus or Eye of God tattoo? You should consider doing so on your palm or hand.

Another popular choice where people ink their eye tattoo is on their arms, backs, necks,

Practically, every type of eye tattoo can go on the chest and stand out.

Where you decide to wear your eye tattoo is entirely up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between eye tattoo and tattooing the eyes?

Eye tattoo is the one covered in this article which can be tattooed on different parts of the body. The eyes, on the hand, can undergo what is known as corneal tattooing. This involves tattooing the cornea of the eye with a different color. This is risky and is usually undertaken by those that lost their eye sights.

What’s the difference between the red and blue evil eye tattoo?

Both are very significant colors. However, the red evil eye signifies courage, while the blue signifies protection.

What does the pyramid on the eye of providence represent?

It stands for strength with 13 levels to represent the 13 original states of America.


With so many eye tattoo ideas, you’re probably fascinated and already intrigued into getting one right away.

And if you are still undecided, keep in mind that you may be missing out on one of the most amazing tattoos out there.

Feeling adventurous? Then you must give the eye tattoo a try. We bet you would fall in love with it. Remember that you can pair it with other elements and images to make a unique tattoo for yourself.

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