Crusader Cross Tattoo Meaning

The art of tattoos has been in existence for thousands of years. Research shows that tattooing was initially connected to spirituality before it became widespread among people who do it for fun.

Even today, many people get tattoos to demonstrate their religious beliefs. The crusader cross tattoo meaning is related to God saving the world through his grace and mercy.

Please read this article to understand this cross’s importance and significance in tattoo art.

Crusader Cross Tattoo Meaning

Otherwise known as the Jerusalem cross or five-fold cross, the crusader cross is a type of cross used by Christians globally. It consists of five crosses in one emblem, featuring a huge cross and four smaller crosses around it on each quadrant.

This image is a symbol of faith that has stood the test of time. Many people wear the crusader cross to get protection from the mighty above and a sign of faith. It has been replicated in the tattoo industry to show the same and many other reasons. Common interpretations of the Jerusalem cross are:


The first interpretation suggests the spreading of the word of God across different nations. In this case, Jesus is the central cross, while the small crosses show the evangelicals who went around with Jesus and even the gospels in the Bible’s New Testament. They were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Jesus Christ’s Wounds

Many people interpret the crusader cross as the five wounds Jesus was inflicted during his crucifixion. The main cross represents the wound on his side by the holy lance (some sources claim the heart), while the smaller crosses stand for the wounds caused by nails on his feet and hands.

Spreading the Gospel

Some historians argue that the five-fold cross represents spreading the gospel across four corners of the world as commanded by Jesus. The central cross is Jesus, who started the gospel. Some believe the main cross stands for Jerusalem, where the gospel began. The crosslets are corners of the world where the word of God was spread.

From the three main interpretations explained herein, crusader tattoos could carry a lot of meaning to different believers and their spirituality. Some wear it to show their faith in Christ, and others to appreciate God for letting his only son die for man’s sins on the cross. To some, it represents the four gospels in the New Testament, which explains Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

It is also a sign of evangelism and encourages Christians to spread the word of God to different people and nations. Engraving this image on the skin shows the wearer is committed to Christ’s mission to spread the gospel to all corners and honor God for his sacrifice.

Why Crusader Cross Tattoo are Popular

For centuries, the crusader cross has been a timeless faith symbol highly regarded by many Christian generations. Members of the royal families such as King George V, Kaiser Friedrich III, and King Edward VII tattooed this cross to signify their faith after visiting Jerusalem.

Today, the Jerusalem flag still holds a lot of symbolism to many Christians, contributing to its overall popularity. It has been used in the Georgian National flag since 2004. For this reason, some people ink it to show patriotism for their country. This cross is also used on Jerusalem Holy Sepulchre’s coat of arms.

Different cultures globally have embraced this tattoo design to indicate various things. Besides the undying faith in God and the gospel, some people view it as a source of hope in the wake of war. To others, it is a connection between the physical and spiritual world. Before you go for this tattoo design, examine whether it applies to your life and gives you personal meaning.

Who is Crusader Cross Tattoo For?

Crosses are one of the oldest religious symbols today. Christians mainly wear the crusader cross to symbolize their faith in God and Jesus Christ. Its deep meaning makes it a perfect design choice for you to keep Jesus and his gospel close to your heart. You can also have it if you live in Georgia and want to show your patriotism to the nation.

With this tattoo design, you can add other symbols or elements to give it a more profound meaning. It comes with many possibilities to suit various situations, characters, and preferences.

Best Placement for Crusader Cross Tattoo

The Jerusalem tattoo is a simple tat design that can fit on different body parts. The most common placement is on the inner wrist, mainly as a faith symbol. You can also have it on the upper/lower arm, leg, foot, shoulder, and back. The position will also depend on whether you want it seen all the time or concealed.

Some places can be extremely painful, so consult with your tattoo artist to help you make the right decision. It should take a few weeks and appropriate care for your tattoo to heal completely.

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Tattoos hold deeper meaning and symbolism than just modification of the body. Cross tattoos are virtual images to show a person’s spiritual journey. Christ’s death on the cross to save humanity from sin makes cross tattoos a reminder of God’s redemptive power and eternal love. The crusader cross variant tattoo has been used to represent different meanings varying from one believer to another. It could be faith, evangelism, four gospels, or God’s sacrifice. Before you ink this tattoo, make sure you can relate to any of its meaning.

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