Cross on Face Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

If you’re a daredevil and would love an outstanding tattoo, then the face is the best place to ink one.

Many people have drawn the cross on face tattoo to symbolize several things, such as faith in God as an inspiration from the Middle Eastern Coptic Christians.

But, what exactly is the cross on Face tattoo meaning? In this article, we explore cross on Face tattoos and their symbolism to the wearers.

Cross on Face Tattoo Meaning

Cross on Face Tattoo Meaning

Since the ancient times of Emperor Constantine, the cross was used in Christianity to show spirituality. When you’re looking to get inked, you will come across thousands of tattoo designs that will leave you spoilt for choice. Each design has its special meaning.

In this instance, a cross on the face could mean any of the following things;

Faith in God

Many Christians tattoo the sign of the cross on their foreheads as a symbol of God. It is a representation of their undying faith in God and Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity when he died on the cross for man’s sins. This powerful tattoo can be combined with many art symbols to give it new meaning.

Spiritual Connection

Some people ink the cross on face to represent sorrow and the loss of a loved one. This means they are spiritually connected to the departed soul. This tat may be accompanied by other symbols and words such as the deceased’s name or the date when they died.

Affiliation to a Gang

Historically, the cross was used in Christianity to show reverence to God, but that has changed over the years to use by various gang affiliates. Gang members can, usually, ink a small tattoo on the forehead or below the eye to show they have been convicted before or served a certain time in prison. It shows they are highly committed to the gang. This cross tattoo among gang members could mean the wearer has killed two people in some cases.

Personal Style

In this age, people get various tattoo designs as a way of belonging to a particular class and trend, and a cross on face tattoo is one of them. So, getting this ink could mean something, not of any religious belief but a personal sense of style.


Despite the cross being a symbol of Christianity, in recent times, it has been used to show anti-Christianity beliefs, mainly if it is inked upside down. Wearers might be intending to show their opinion that religion and Christ don’t exist. However, you should not be quick to interpret an inverted cross on face tat as it is also a symbol of the martyrdom of Saint Peter among Christians.

Why Cross on Face Tattoos are Popular

The cross on face is a versatile tattoo design that can signify a wide range of things. Sometimes, this is dependent on the design of the cross you choose to tattoo. Common cross designs for tats are:

  • Latin: This cross design has a longer stem and is the primary representation of Christianity today.
  • Celtic: It looks exactly like the Latin cross in that it has a longer base but lies in front of a circle. It is a symbol of faith and hope.
  • Greek: All four arms of this cross are equal in length and could mean different things depending on what you want.

For Christians, Jesus Christ was humiliated and died on the cross for their sins. A few days after his burial, he was resurrected to heaven, where God is. In this case, the cross signifies three things which are death, self-sacrifice, and eternal hope. It gives Christians the hope of eternal life after oppression and hardship.

The cross on face can easily be modified to change its symbolism. Many people prefer something versatile to play around with to bring out various messages. For instance, you can add dates and names to evoke memories or symbols like a wing, anchor, or dove for different purposes.

This tattoo can also be done in many styles ranging from a simple outline to tribal and gothic. You can let the cross styles mentioned above guide your tattoo idea. Some artists add different color themes to bring out unique designs.

Who is Cross on Face Tattoo For?

The cross on face is best for people who are devoted and working hard towards a specific cause. This could be a desire to change some aspects of your life or your environment in general. This can be seen from Christ’s sacrifice when he was crucified. Similar to the crucifixion, if you are working towards a change, the power of the cross, Jesus’ death, and His resurrection give you the strength to face all adversities.

You can also have it if you want to show your love for body art without implying religious beliefs. It is a chic way to showcase your unique style to the world.

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Best Placement for Cross on Face Tattoo

The cross tattoo is mainly placed on the forehead or below the eye for people intending to bring out its religious significance. Its placement at the corner of the eye means God opens the wearer’s eyes to see things he couldn’t ordinarily see. It could be to avoid something harmful or have an inner discerning eye to determine good and evil.

It can also be placed on the temple as a sign of God guiding the owner’s thoughts and decisions.

Under the left eye is the best spot for this tattoo for those showing their affiliation to a particular gang.

Individuals who ink it for aesthetic reasons can have it anywhere on the face, including the cheeks and chin.


We have to admit that face tattoos are a type of body art for bold people. Besides its common association with prisoners and gangs, cross signs on the face are used to show Christianity, sacrifice, and spiritual connection. They’re even becoming more popular by day as celebrities like Justin Bieber have inked it.

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