Anarchy Tattoo Meaning with Ideas & Designs

The word “anarchy” carries a special meaning to the people who believe in it.

The affiliation to this term may push them to tattoo a symbol that represents it to show the special place it holds in their hearts. This tattoo is a sign of a certain ideology that is often misinterpreted.

So, what exactly is the anarchy tattoo meaning? Read on to learn more.

Anarchy Tattoo Meaning

The Merriam Webster Dictionary (1539) defines anarchy as “an absence of governance.” This term was used to describe a society or community that did not conform to any authority or set laws. Anarchists believe that people should govern themselves instead of the state, which is often oppressive.

Anarchism encompasses both governmental and political freedom, promoting maximum rights and freedom for society members. Anarchy symbol tattoos are usually depicted as an uppercase O with an A inside. The primary meaning of this tattoo is anti-government.

People who wear these tattoos prefer putting policies in place for themselves rather than someone else doing it. What they hate is people dictating how they should live. Such people want a life where others’ opinions don’t matter.

Anarchy tattoo symbolizes independence and freedom-loving. People who tattoo it, especially men, usually portray their individualism, non-conformism and unwillingness to live by anyone’s rules. These people are not afraid to pursue what they think is right.

Women who ink the anarchy tattoo are believed to be rebellious and rude. Such women love their freedom and have no energy to deal with the authorities.

In some instances, the letter A housed in a circle represents punks, skinheads, and sexual minorities. You can, therefore, tattoo this symbol to show your love for punk and even the music genre associated with it.

Why Anarchy Tattoos Are Popular

While many people may argue that lawlessness may lead to chaos and violence, this isn’t entirely true. Many tribes and communities have thrived without the rule of authority. The communities take care of themselves and can handle whatever comes their way at a personal level. There’s no better way to express this freedom than inking the anarchy tattoo on the skin.

What’s more, anarchists are increasing by day all over the world. Their philosophies revolve around different ideologies such as Christianism and primitivism. Anarchists have the mindset that the modern state (government) has a ruling system that divides people instead of uniting them. They put this tattoo to show that they can set their rules and live with the consequences of not following them.

While many forms of anarchism exist today, the ” left ” is the most popular. Supporters of this ideology are not only against state power but also opposed to private property, capitalism and free-market relations.

The anarchy tattoo is also a unique piece that can be done in various ways to make a striking statement. This simple logo is not just for beauty but sends a strong message to those who understand it. Some variations of the anarchy tattoo have seen images of guns in place of the A and hearts in place of the circle or O.

Who is Anarchy Tattoo For?

The anarchy philosophy is not about violence but about rights and freedom to choose what’s good and bad. If you want to show your love for freedom and non-conformity, you can ink this tattoo on any part you wish.

If you are an anarchist and would love to show your conviction and ideologies, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and ink this incredible piece of art.

Best Placement for Anarchy Tattoo

The beauty of most tattoos is that you can wear them at any body part you deem fit. The anarchy tattoo can be placed on the forearm, hand, or neck. If you don’t fear showing it to everyone, you can have it in an open place or conceal it. If you want it as a secret, consider body parts covered by clothes all the time.

You can tattoo it on the neck to permanently replace your anarchy symbol necklace. It will look great at the front neck, back neck, or chest to serve this purpose. It will also look amazing on your forearm when it’s done with some additional designs, such as a gun shooting through the skull. It shows how tired you are of the government’s dumb decisions.

The shin is another ideal location to ink an anarchy tattoo. The tattoo artist can add different touches and colors to enhance it. A good example is red to add a unique rebellious touch to it. The biceps and calf muscles will equally look great with the anarchy tattoo.

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Anarchy tattoos are one of the most popular ink styles ever to exist. Primarily, this tattoo signifies the wearer’s independence and love for freedom. Such people are not willing to be ruled by anyone at any instance. You have a wider variety of designs to choose from for this tat. Whether you want it colored or plain or with some inscriptions, it depends on what you desire.

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