Showering with a New Tattoo: Facts You Need to Know

So, you have got a brand new tattoo on your body, and you should take proper care of it. From now on, you are all in all to keep both your tattoo and skin safe from any damage or infections.

As a human being, you can’t stay too long without taking showers. However, showering with a new tattoo always remains shaded under myths, but things have changed now.

Showering with a tattoo is totally safe unless you follow some basic yet essential precautions. Don’t hurry to jump in the shower; follow all the instructions mentioned below.

How to Take a Shower with a New Tattoo

Showering with a New Tattoo

You might have heard millions of times about taking proper care of a freshly made tattoo. To keep yourself free from infections, you may want to clean the area right after getting home.

However, you can’t take showers as you regularly do. This is why you have to be careful about certain facts and follow some steps to preserve the tattoo even after getting a shower.

A simple mistake can ruin your whole dedication and cause severe damage. So, make sure you’re following your artist’s instructions to clean the tattoo.

Generally, artists recommend cleaning a new tattoo 3 times a day for at least two weeks. After your first cleaning, you can go for a shower. We have structured the whole process into different phases to ensure the highest level of safety.

Phase-1: Unwrapping Your Tattoo

Listen to your artist: Your brand new tattoo will be covered with a bandage. Before you take off your dressing, try to do it according to your artist’s recommendation.

Depending on certain things, such as skin sensitivity and the depth or size of the tattoo, the healing speed can vary.

Usually, your artist will guide you about how long you should keep the bandage. In case they don’t tell you about that, ask them.

Wait for a few hours: If your artist doesn’t recommend any specific time period or you just have forgotten to ask, wait for 2-3 hours at least.

If your tattoo is really deep or large, wait up to 6 hours. This will help your tattoo to recover the initial shock before you take a shower.

Don’t keep the bandage for more than one day; otherwise, bacteria can grow there in a moist environment.

Taking off the bandage: When you’re ready to take off the dressing, make sure you thoroughly scrub your hand. Wash your hands with soap and warm water.

After that, you can peel back the bandage covering your tattoo. Don’t think about showering with the bandage at all. Doing so can create a moist environment under the bandage and lead to bacterial growth.

However, if the bandage is sticking to your tattoo, don’t hurry. Removing a sticky bandage in a rush can be painful.

So, try to run warm water while showering, this way, the bandage will loosen gradually, and you can easily take it off.

Phase-2: Washing Your Tattoo

Washing Your Tattoo before shower
Wait at least 24 hours: Generally, you can take a shower within the first 24 hours after getting a new tattoo. However, like everything, you should again seek your artist’s recommendation.

Waiting for two days will give your skin more time to assure an optimum barrier has formed there.

Use lukewarm water: Many people make a common mistake by using hot water while showering. However, it should be avoided as it can make the tattoo sting.

Using hot water can also fade or lose color by opening pores. It is best to run cold water for 30 seconds after taking showers.

Spray Gently: Try to use mid-speed spray on your tattoo; spraying hard can irritate your skin. However, if you don’t have any other option without a showerhead that sprays only hard, just skip it and run water over your tattoo.

Apply a mild and unscented soap using your hands: No matter you have a bar soap or liquid hand soap, you can apply it on your tattoo if it is mild and unscented.

You can also use antibacterial soap if you want. However, don’t apply the soap directly, rather, use your hands to avoid any uncertain incident.

Furthermore, don’t use any sponges or loofahs before the tattoo is healed. When the blood dries on your tattoo, it is possible to store other debris as well. You just need to remove them without scrubbing.

Rinse the tattoo with water: After gently rubbing the soap, rinse it using normal water. You can gently massage the soap using your fingers if you need it.

However, try to take your shower as quickly as possible. Naturally, when you’re taking showers, it means your tattoo is in close contact with water, soap, and steam, resulting in pain and irritation on the tattooed area.

Dry up the tattoo using a soft towel: Dry up the tattoo with a soft and clean towel once you finish your shower. Avoid rubbing the tattoo with a towel; otherwise, it can also create irritation.

Just gently dab the towel at the tattoo. However, you may notice a little bit of blood, don’t panic as it’s usual. You can also use paper towels. No matter what you are using, just make sure it’s clean to avoid bacterial introduction.

Can I shower after a tattoo?

Can I shower after a tattoo
Although tattooing is an art the whole process keeps it no longer as art. Artists use a fast-moving needle and inject fresh ink into your skin.

You need to take care of your brand new tattoo just like a fresh wound. This is why you can’t go through your usual lifestyle right after getting a new tattoo. One of the most common questions people ask is whether they can take a shower after a tattoo.

The answer relies on several factors, such as healing speed and the type of bandage your artist uses. However, the major factor is the bandage that covers your tattoo.

If your tattoo is protected with waterproof wrapping, you may be able to take a shower right after getting home. It’s a bit risky, though.

According to most artists’ recommendations, a person shouldn’t submerge a fresh tattoo in water for at least 3-6 weeks. However, you can wash it by following some precautions.

How soon can I take a shower?

Generally, you should be able to take a shower once you have taken off the bandage. However, you should feel that you’re ready to take a shower and the ink has dried decent enough.

Although, many artists suggest waiting at least 24 hours before you’re going for a shower. Remember one thing, taking showers doesn’t mean you can fully submerge the tattoo in water.

You have to be careful in every single step while taking a shower and, most importantly, follow all the instructions mentioned above.

How often should you shower with a new tattoo?

As we mentioned before, taking a shower doesn’t mean you can fully submerge your brand new tattoo in water.

Rather, you can call it washing and no surprise, washing your new tattoo is a crucial part of tattoo aftercare that helps to keep your tattoo free from bacterial infection and any other pathogens.

While you’re taking a shower with appropriate attention and responsibility, you’re washing the tattoo. So, how often should you shower with a new tattoo?

Let’s see the best frequency you should maintain for taking a shower after getting a tattoo.

  • You should wait at least 3-4 hours before taking your first shower. It is wise to take it within 5-24 hours.
  • It would help if you took showers once daily until the area is completely healed.
  • Simply wash the tattoo when you notice any contamination due to bacteria or dirt.

Should I cover my tattoo when I shower?

tattoo cover when showering
Wrapping your tattoo is one of the essential preconditions to ensure proper aftercare. Depending on the healing speed, the actual of keeping that bandage or wrapping can vary.

Generally, you can uncover your tattoo after 2-4 hours. In case, your tattoo is wrapped with plastic foil, and you should keep it for at least 3-4 days.

However, taking off the bandage means you’re initially ready to take a shower. But many people make a common mistake by taking showers while the tattoo is still covered with a bandage.

Covering your brand new tattoo while taking a shower can create a moist environment under the bandage, leading to bacterial growth or any other pathogenic infections. So, don’t cover your tattoo while taking a shower.

Can I use soap when showering?

Yes, you can take a shower using soap. However, that doesn’t mean using any kind of soap. Necessarily, you should use a mild and unscented soap.

Scented soap comprises many chemicals that can damage the tattooed area while a hard soap can also cause skin irritation. No matter it’s a bar soap or liquid hand soap, it i’s mild and unscented, you can use it when showering.

Final Words

Showering with a new tattoo is not an issue of worry if you are in regular maintenance and care. People often make mistakes not following the instructions and guidelines which are apparent and prescribed by the artist. Keeping the issues in mind, you can take showers regularly.

I hope my article will add extra care to your tattoo maintenance schedule with your professional instructions. Take care and stay healthy and fit.

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