How to Tell Your Parents You Have a Tattoo

Most parents are not welcoming to the sight of tattoos. Parents will usually not understand the reason why you decide to ink yourself. While most of them are old-fashioned and still think that a tat makes you look unprofessional, some think tats have a bad meaning. You can take your parents through the whole process until they come to appreciate the art on your body.

How to Tell Your Parents You Have a Tattoo

How to Tell Your Parents You Have a Tattoo

Don’t worry because here are a few tips to ease the inevitable talk;

Mention getting a tattoo to your parents before actually doing it.

It would help if you mentioned to your parents that you are thinking of getting a tattoo early enough. Doing this will avoid the shocked look on their faces when you do it. It will also help you prepare for their reaction when you do finally get a tattoo. You should also not talk to them about it too often to avoid raising their curiosity about the issue.

Heal first before saying anything.

It is best if you first take care of your tattoo and let it heal. The healing process will take about three to four weeks. Walking around in the house with a bandage hiding a fresh tat is a difficult thing to do, but it will be worth it when you finally talk to your parents about it. Showing them a healed tattoo will prove to them how responsible you are and how much it means to you.  It will also avoid the risk of infection on your precious body art..

Properly taking care of the tattoo facilitates a quick healing process, which will help ease your case with your parents.

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Tell them about the tattoo.

Before telling them about the tattoo, you will need to explain the precautions you took before getting a tattoo. This will help avoid panic from them as parents are always concerned about their children’s well-being.

Explain to them in detail the place you drew your tattoo. Take them through the precautionary measures taken by the tattoo artist and yourself. Did the tattoo artist wear gloves, use sterilized needles, new and sealed bottles of ink, and cleaned the place? Those are some of the questions parents will ask themselves when they hear you have a tattoo. You will need to calmly and comprehensively answer these questions and relieve their concerns to make it easy for them to accept the tattoo.

Show them that you have taken your immunization shots on time to keep them at peace on a possible infection. If possible, you could prove to them that the tattoo artist is licensed and is a professional.

Show your parents the tattoo.

Now that your parents already know about the tattoo, you can reveal it. The tattoo should not be offensive, but rather something they can appreciate. Your parents seeing your tattoo all healed up will allow them to accept the tat faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hide a tattoo from your parents?

Hiding a tattoo is all about being smart about it and its placement. You can get a small tattoo that is easily concealable. Where you place your tattoo will also determine how easy it is going to be to hide it. A tattoo at the back of your ear is well and easily hidden. If the tat is on your wrist, you can cover it up with a watch or bracelet. You can use a scarf to conceal the one on your neck.

These little tricks will help you prolong the wait for the tat conversation with your parents.

Where can I get a secret tattoo?

You can draw a tattoo on your chest. The tat will be hidden by your clothing but when you go swimming, you risk exposing it.

Behind your ear, on the inside of your lip, and the inside and in between your fingers are great places to hide a tat.

If you want to draw a large tat that can be easily hidden, then the upper thigh is the place to do it.

Why should you never get a tattoo?

Getting a tattoo has many risks involved. If a poor tattoo artist draws you a tat, then he/she could leave you with a bad looking tattoo. Infections and diseases such as tetanus, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis B and C are always threats, especially if the tattoo artist used unsterilized tools.


Getting a tattoo is a choice that you should make on your own. Don’t get a tattoo because of peer pressure or to seek attention. Having a tattoo you didn’t consciously want is painful and removing it is not easy and quite expensive. If you want to get a good reaction when you tell your parents about getting a tat, make them understand why you did and what the tat means to you. The tips above might help you, but you can still get a disappointed and angry reaction from them.

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