How To Take Care of a Tattoo

Everyone has heard that a tattoo requires a lot of attention and care. But very few people know how to really care for the tattoo.

Do you know?

Not, just do not give tattoos of the sun, water and shampoo are not enough. This process is more laborious.

So how to take care of a tattoo? Give me a little time and I will explain how it works within some tips of a perfect care.

Some Tips to Take Care of a Tattoo

How To Take Care of a Tattoo

In a studio

SHOCK, sensation! It turned out that the care begins not after the hand starts to decompose, but immediately in the studio, as soon as the tattoo artist is satisfied with the work done and stay away his tattoo machine.

How to understand what the artist finished?

It is not difficult. First, the design of the tattoo will get a logical look. Secondly, the tattoo artist will wipe the damaged skin with warm water with the addition of liquid antibacterial soap.

After that, the tattoo artist will get an antibacterial ointment and will lubricate the skin where the tattoo is located.

It is the first stage of caring for a tattoo in the studio, but not the last.

Then the tattoo artist will wrap the place of the tattoo with polyethylene or something similar. You have probably seen people who walk with a polyethylene hand or foot; you will look the same. But why?

Because such a wrap will block the entry of bacteria into the damaged skin. In addition, the wrap protects against friction, created due to clothing.

No, bacteria will not get there in advance, because the tattoo article made antibacterial treatment.

Be sure to ask the tattoo artist how long you need to walk with the wrap. It is important because it is impossible to get an unambiguous answer. Depending on the tattoo, the wrap should last up to 2 hours to 1 day.

If you are ready to clean the tattoo yourself, then you can remove the wrap in three hours. The tattoo will still continue to ooze for a few more days.

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But I would recommend staying in the wrapper for 24 hours. It will allow you to avoid friction and stop the flow of liquid from the skin. It will not stick to the bed, and you will remain calm.

After the tattoo studio – follow the advice of the master

Being in a tattoo studio, be sure to ask the artist about what you should do with the tattoo further, how to care. The tattoo artist will give you some advice about exactly your case, so it is very important to ask.

Re-cleaning the tattoo

As you remember, the first 2, 3 or 5 hours you will be in the wrapper. After that, remove the wrapping and wash the tattoo with warm water with the addition of a liquid antibacterial soap.

Then apply antibacterial ointment or moisturizer without a smell. The layer of the applied cream should be thin.

After the above procedures, you can pull on the tattoo gauze or other material that you advised the tattoo master.

In general, you should do the same thing that the artist did after the tattoo. And not once, but 3 or 5 times. This procedure should be permanent for 2 or even 4 weeks after you did the tattoo.

Only clean and dry

During the first month, your tattoo should be dry and clean. It means that you must protect the tattoo from showers and baths. You also should not wear tight clothing but make the choice to oversize. For protection use gauze or medical tape.

Forget about sunburn

For a long time. Direct sunlight should not fall on the tattooed area of your skin, especially if the tattoo is colored.

The fact that color ink can fade, and the tattoo crawl.

It does not mean that you have to walk to the diver’s suit all the time, especially if it is roast. It is enough to apply sunscreen with high SPF (30 or 50) and close the tattoo with clothes.

Many sunscreens are so strong that they even allow you to swim in the water with a fresh tattoo.

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Healing takes a long time

Small simple tattoos heal faster than large and complex ones. Therefore, the healing time can take a couple of weeks or several months.

It is exhausting, but you have to continue to clean and moisten the skin with a tattoo no matter what until the skin with the tattoo is restored.

No attention to itching

Itching and flaking are messengers of skin healing. From scratch, to remove peeling is in no case impossible.

To stop the itching, when it is too much, you can only hit hard on the itchy place.

Both itching and flaking will continue all the time while the tattoo heals. Just a few weeks and itching will leave you alone.

But carding can stop the healing process. Redness will appear around the tattoo, bleeding will continue, and the skin will be hot to the touch. Do you need it? Then be patient!

Return to the studio, if everything goes wrong

Did something go wrong? Is the ink blurred or faded? There’s nothing to worry about going back to the studio to retouch the tattoo.

Warn the question, yes, it is free. Somehow retouch the tattoo in the interests of artists, because the fact of a bad tattoo can break his reputation.

If you need to temporary hide or remove tattoo completely then should come to your artist to take advice. There are many tattoo remover in the market. You can use one of them according artist’s suggestions. I personally prefer Wrecking Balm to remove tattoo.

I also recommend coming to the studio in 6 weeks to take cosmetics for further care.


Certainly, taking care of a tattoo is very important and this process begins when the tattoo is finished.

Care will help to maintain the bright color of the ink, the sharpness of the contour for a long time.

It ensures that no infections will fall into the tattooed skin area, and healing will be faster.

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