How to Get Free Tattoo on Your Body: Proven Method

Drawing tattoos is a costly affair. The equipment used is expensive and mostly disposable, so the tattooist has to buy them for every other client. They also have taxes and bills to pay for the studio.

In most cases, this money isn’t even part of what you get charged. If you really dream of having a tattoo but can’t afford one, this article will guide you on how to get a free one.

However, you should be very careful when someone offers you free body art.

Tattoo ApprenticesTattoo artists in training sometimes need people to practice on and may offer free tattoos.Quality might be inconsistent.
Tattoo Promotions/EventsSome studios have promotional days (e.g., Friday the 13th) with free or discounted tattoos.Limited designs. Crowded venues.
Model for a PortfolioEstablished or new artists may need models for their portfolio and might offer free tattoos for it.Limited choice in design.
Tattoo ConventionsAt conventions, some artists give away free tattoos as part of competitions or live demonstrations.Limited spots. Might be on display.
Tattoo AdvertisementsCompanies sometimes pay for ad space on a person’s body. You get a tattoo of the company’s logo/ad.Permanent advertisement on your body.
Participate in Studies/ResearchSome academic or industry studies might involve tattoo processes and might offer compensation.Potential unknown risks.
Barter/Trade ServicesIf you have a valuable skill, you might trade services with a tattoo artist.Ensure a fair trade.
Contests and GiveawaysSome tattoo artists or studios might have contests or giveaways on social media platforms.Not guaranteed. Limited designs.
Friend or Acquaintance PracticingSomeone you know might be learning and offer to tattoo you for free or at a discounted rate.Trust and quality might be an issue.

How to Get Free Tattoo on Your Body

How to Get Free Tattoo on Your Body

You need to understand that it is unusual to come by a tattooist who will ink you for nothing in return. Here are a few instances you can get free unique and beautiful body art.

Offer Your Body as a Human Canvas

Offer Your Body as a Human Canvas

Did you know you can offer yourself as a human canvas in various contests and music festivals?

The most common one is the ink master, where artists contest a prize in a tattoo challenge that uses human canvases.

Before you participate, you will apply by showing your interest in the show to get a free tat.

Judges will then critique the body arts, and the best one wins the prize.

Make Friends with a Tattoo Artist

If you’re best friends with tattoo artists or apprentices, you can allow them to work on your body as a canvas. They will get to practice for free, while you will benefit by getting beautiful body arts without having to part with some bucks.

Try Your Chance in a Raffle

We are all used to raffle prizes like gift cards, flowers, and chocolates, among other things. Things are changing, and these prizes have become more than what we know.

You can participate in a raffle to win a free inking session. An example is the Ink Fusion Tattoo Festival, where raffle tickets costing $20 could win you a sketch of Stan Lee. If you’re a tattoo enthusiast, there’s no better way to spend your $20.

Cast for a TV Show

Have you ever imagined yourself featuring in a famous TV show that involves a tattoo session? Well, then this could be your best bet to get a free tattoo. It doesn’t hurt to try your luck in auditions for reality TV shows like “Best Ink.” Although in this situation, you’re likely the get what the artist wants, which might be far from what you want.

Participate in Studio Promotions

tattoo promotion

Some tattoo studios often run promotions where you can win yourself a one-hour free tattoo session when you invite a specific number of friends to get tattoos worth a certain price.

This, in most cases, is, however, limited to one invite per person. It’s a sure way to get an actual free inking by professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do tattoo models get free tattoos?

Yes, tattooing a model for free is a marketing strategy for many tattoo artists. In some cases, the models are paid for getting drawn tattoos on their bodies. The model is also at liberty to choose what they want to be drawn on their body. Through them, tattooists can get numerous clients through referrals.

What happens if I get a terrible tattoo on ink master?

This is a disturbing question that bothers many people who would love to participate in free tattoo contests. Before getting a free tat, you have to understand that it is a personal decision and no one is liable for a faulty one.

In the ink master show, only horrible tattoos can be accepted back for a cover-up in what is called the Ink Master Redemption. The human canvas gets to meet the host, where they discuss the problem at hand. He then faces the artist, and they agree on whether a cover-up or a new tattoo will do him justice. In this case, you will have to pay for any alterations whatsoever.

Is it a bad idea to feature in a tattoo contest?

The most probable answer to this question is yes. Why? Because only a small percentage of these tattoos turn out fine.

First, you already know the tattooist is under pressure and a time limit to ink your skin, so they may not bring out the best art. Also, the artist may not be ardent in the kind of art you want.

The worst thing is that you could get a tattooist who is totally inexperienced. You wouldn’t want to risk getting a tattoo you’d regret having even before it heals. It would be painful and expensive to fix or remove it.

Should I tip for a free tattoo?

Tipping is a tattoo etiquette that needs to be embraced, just like any other service. It shows you appreciate the tattooist’s efforts to come up with unique and beautiful body art.

So, if you like your free tat, why not tip the artist for it? If you’re confused about the amount, you can estimate the service’s total value and then tip 20% of it.

For instance, if your tat would typically cost $100, you should tip 20%, which is $20- $40.

What will happen if I can’t pay for my tattoo?

Getting into the studio, choosing a design, getting it drawn on your body, and then being unable to pay for it is a great offense and very embarrassing. If you knew it wasn’t free beforehand, then you should have planned yourself well and saved up enough to get decent body art.

You can face legal actions or even pay handsomely for it. Depending on the tat’s cost and effort put into it, no artist would let you have one for free. To avoid this, ask for a quotation in advance and plan your finances before booking an appointment.


It is very unusual to get a genuine free tattoo considering the process and efforts involved in tattooing. This article shares a few ways you can get a free body art. You should, however, be very careful about where you get it for free. It could cost you much more to correct a faulty tattoo than get a new one.

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