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Saidur Rahman Bhuiyan

Tattoo Artist

Curious about body art, stuck between getting it or not, and are you tired of your art, then you have come to the right place. I answer all the questions you have on tattoo designs, nail art trends, how and where to get body piercings.

I am Saidur Rahman Bhuiyan, a tattoo artist. I have a tattoo studio named “Lakshmi Ink BD”. I have 10+ years experiences in Tattoo World.

Founded in 2019, pretty just helps you understand all you need to know about tattoos, nail art, and piercing

In line with my founding aim, I strive to create a user-friendly online resource where you can easily find unbiased information about Tattoo.

I take you through different body art types, how to get body art, its benefits, and how to remove it if need be.  I will share the body art journey with you.